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Monster stack to short stack in two hands :(

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  • Monster stack to short stack in two hands :(

    Now I don't think I did anything wrong here, but we'll see. We're on the bubble in a 27man SnG. I have a huge chiplead with 15k at the 150/300 level. The other stacks are between 5k and 6k. People are shoving their stacks in left and right to gain chips, and I'm just waiting for a good hand to call them with. Bingo, pocket 10. He shoves. Nice pair. Even if I lose I'll still have the chiplead too. S**t happens. Two hands later. Blinds have gone up, and I'm UTG with Jacks, so I make a standard raise. 1 caller, and I flop a set. Bingo. He donk-shoves the flop. I insta-call it. S**t happens. Two hands later, I'm out. great, a monster stack to bubbling out in under 6 hands. I'm keepi9ng my spirits up after something like this by thinking there's nothing I could have done here, I played my best. In both cases, I had the best hand and got out flopped. You really are not taking K,10 into account on a Q J 9 flop? ----------------------------------------------- keeping track of my poker semi-career:
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    Hi Ov3rsight! These hands are a good example of variance. In the first hand, players will be shoving to accumulate chips and make it ITM. As the chip leader in this situation, I'm calling their shove here with pkt 10's almost every time (unless the opp was playing as a total nit and only playing QQ+). Most of the time, I will be in a race in this situation and you correctly state that even if the hand is lost, still have the chip lead. If I was in a situation here where I would drop down to a stack size putting me on the bubble by calling, then I'm probably passing on 10's here and looking for a better situation. In the second hand, I would make the std raise from UTG with JJ here and with being called by the BB, I get position here, which helps. The flop is Q J 9 and the opp leads by shoving. I'm calling this bet here every time. The opp could have K 10 or QQ and be ahead, but there are so many other hands that a set of J is ahead of here. If the opp has QQ, then I only have 1 out. If the opp has a straight, then I have 7 outs for the turn and if I don't hit, 10 outs on the river, to make a full house or quads. These situation will happen over and over in poker, but in my eyes, you made the correct plays in both situations, which as a poker player, is all you can do. Good luck at the tables. umbup: John (JWK24)

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