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Should I fold my set of 3s here?

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  • Should I fold my set of 3s here?

    Hi Guys, Should I fold here? This is the first hand in a 25c 45man SNG. I try to play tight early in tournaments and avoid all ins. It's a dangerous flop but I do have a strong hand and can improve. Is it better to take a risk here and accumulate a lot of chips or throw away a decent hand and get deeper in the tournament before taking risks? As a side note, not sure why the A7s is getting involved but hope to see the guy in my next SNG :-) Thanks

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    IMO you did the right thing. The wheel is the only thing we can be scared of on this flop (we are not bothered about a set of 5's or aces else there is no point in set-mining with 3's) and in these games the villains definitely do not need to have the wheel to be betting like they do. As you can see even TPTK was ahead of the other two villains.

    Now I am not advocating going all in 4 ways with TPTK, but just illustrating how players tend to overvalue their hands in these games. You are correct when you say that we need to play tightly early on but we also need to play aggressively, and try to get maximum value from our strong made hands. I think this was a legitimate cooler and not a mistake on your part, although others may disagree.


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      Preflop we definitely are getting the right odds to go setmining with the pair. The opponent would need about 600 chips in his stack (15 times the bet), so we're good there. I like the call. Raising would be an option, but that would have to be for near 250 or so, and I don't like to bloat pots this early with a vulnerable pair like 33.

      With the board showing up A,3,5 we hit the set, and there's an ace on boatrd, but the wheel is already there. Still - the odds of someone having played the 2,4 is small. Usually anyway, I have no experience with this level at PS, but over at FTP people at this level tend to play anything, so knowing that, 2,4 might be in someone's range. I wouldn't donk the flop though, I'd check it back to the raiser and see what happens. With 5 people in the hand, I'm not in love with my set at the moment, although I do like it. If it's checked all the way, I'll probably bet the turn. If someone else opens the pot, I can see the action that follows before deciding what to do.

      As it is, you get raised, there is a caller, and then a shove all-in. At this point, my PP is in the muck 100% of the time. I'm putting my stack in this early with this hand. Too much can happen with two cards to come, and there';s no chance of him folding to any turn move I make, so we have to play it out. I'm already drawing slim to a 2,4. Any Ax I'm ahead of, but if it's A5 he has two shots to hit a boat beating me. There's a small chance of stuff like K5 with the same problem. There's also the flush draw, with 9 outs twice to beat me. So he's got a 36% chance to hit the flush, and my pot odds are about 50%. There's no implied odds to sweeten the deal since all the money is in anyways. I'm pretty much banking on having to make a boat to win the hand, and even if I do it might not be good.

      Conclusion: muck it and wait for another day.

      Come showdown, yugh. Someone actually did play the 2,4. Bad play.

      PS: Wrote this down as the hand progressed, so didn't see the hands until I had decided to muck the 33

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        I'd be getting it in, too, if only because this is the first hand of a micro tournament. The first hand is notorious for this kind of mass all-in w/o actual hands. It's hard to put someone on 42, 55, or AA exactly given the action (22 hands out of over 1000 possible holdings the villains may have), so if you run into one of those or get sucked out on, nh, gg. There's too much else on this board that could be getting it in with you, like A7 and draws.


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          Hey Dasher welcome to the HA section and thanks for the post.

          This is pretty straight forward setmining for you and also pretty standard of how poor these players are at micro sng's and precisely why we play them.
          As was stated you got the right price and hit your set and the flop bet was good too. If you fold here I think it is wrong because these guys are more likely playing Ax than 24.
          Very good play to call off your stack and we simply fire up another one and as you said hope we see them soon..... and you will!

          Keep making good decisions and posting if you are are unsure!

          Giddy Up!


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            you have a set and 5 players left to act , your 120 best is a little small im going to bet pot size here to be able to get max value for those who want to draw and those who have A.

            definitely not going anywhere your set mining and you hit it. It's time to put the chips in the middle

            next game


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              Thanks Guys, much appreciated


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                Hi dasher,

                I agree with the others, I'm never folding a set here. Actually I think both you and the 24s played fine in this hand, and the A7 and AQ both played terrible (although the A7 much more so).

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