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2 crucial hands in $2,50 180-man turbo

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  • 2 crucial hands in $2,50 180-man turbo

    So I was playing in a $2,50 180-man turbo, well more just sitting I wasn't getting the opportunity to play but anyway. I watched 2 videos of Chris Moneymaker reviewing a player in two tournaments, and after those I decided that according to him my play would be a little bit too tight especially when ante kicks in and blinds go up. So I decided to take a bit more risk when the chance presents itself. Information about the first hand: Till this point I was playing very tight (only played 3 hands so far). The guy on the SB was playing a tiny bit loose but did not really loved to risk his stack, the BB was very tight and would only call a shove from button with a big hand. And since the SB couldn't eliminate me I decided to make a shove with a decent amount of dead money in the pot. So I ran into 2 big hands and got lucky. My question about this hand: Is this shove correct play in a turbo with this stack and these two opponents? Second hand: Well this was my first hand at this table so I had no information about the limper and SB. I get a free ride on the BB and hit trips. The SB checks and then I checked (I know this was bad especially with 2 limpers and the draws) then the limper makes a bet and the SB calls. At this point I am 100% sure I had the best hand so I decided to raise and then the limper shoves and the SB calls. Well because I was still 100% sure I was ahead of them (SB used timebank to call the shove) and the pot was too big so I decided to go for it. So the aces had 1 outer (or runner 9,9) and AK had flush draw (or runner K,K) blank turn and I hit quads on the river. Should I have mad other decisions here, if yes, where should I have made other decisions and why. Because I know I had some luck in both hands but I really give more about making the right decisions than taking away a pot. So any tips, recomendations or critics are welcome Tao

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    Well ended 2nd winning $83 , wether the 89 was a correct play or not if I wouldn't have seen those 2 videos from Chris Moneymaker I know I wouldn't have shoved them for sure and never got that stack.

    But I really wonder what others would have done there. But now it's time to go to bed


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      Hi Taomage! The first hand's read info is very useful. With an extremely tight image here and with effective blinds of 375/200 here, our stack is just below 10 effective BB's. I like the shove here, especially in a turbo with the tight table image. The table image is going to get maximum fold equity here and should be called by the SB, that can't KO you, with a wider range here but the BB should only call with a real hand. Unfortunately, they both had hands, but you got lucky and outflopped them. Second hand: I totally agree with your comment about not checking the flop. In a 3-way pot with draws, when I hit a set, I need to make a value bet to protect it. With two opps, one could easily have a heart draw and I do not want to check and let either opp see a card to hit a flush for free. The way the hand played out, with UTG betting and the SB calling, I really like your raise here and might have even made the raise to 3k. UTG then shoves and the SB calls, I'm not letting go of trips here and like the over-shove. I would hope that I'm ahead here with one opp having hearts and just hope the other doesn't have A6s or 99 and does has some other pocket pair. Both opps will most likely have outs, but there are too many combos in the opp's ranges that trips is ahead of. I also think the SB made a really bad play by just completing with AA preflop, they should have been raising here. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

      6 Time Bracelet Winner


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        Congrats on the great finish too umbup:

        6 Time Bracelet Winner


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          Originally posted by JWK24 View Post
          Second hand:
          I totally agree with your comment about not checking the flop. In a 3-way pot with draws, when I hit a set, I need to make a value bet to protect it.

          John (JWK24)
          Thank you very much, after I replayed the second hand the first thing that came up with me, I should have bet there! Luckily for me both of them played very very weak pre-flop and post-flop so I didn't was punished for my mistake.

          Anyway it gave me a good stack and brought me to the FT and eventually HU




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