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i like my fold AQ CO PRE - big 11

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  • i like my fold AQ CO PRE - big 11

    opp#1 likes to limp then if someone raises he will jam at your face opp#2 solid tag player plays exclusively with premium top10% hands
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    i just stay away of trouble because i thought even if i hit my A still dont know if im ahead and still need to make the pot small so why bother after looking what happened here good fold
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    Considering stacksizes, I definitely would make the preflop call myself. Of course that means I'd call the flop too, and maybe start to get worried by the tuime we hit the turn. So I'd have been out at least 600 more chips. about 10% of my stack, I can live with that.

    Then again, AQ is always tricky to play, especially when 2 of your outrs are dead in the water. Prelop, the PP limped and the AQ raised. I'm not folding in that spot. And when the flop comes, I don't think you can fold either because it's not a goopd plan to immediately put an opponent on a set every single time they lead out.

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      Hi Marvin, This is a great example of why AQ is a tricky hand to play. Preflop: UTG limps, then opp2 from mid position raises to 3BB. The read on the first opp will definitely play into my decision. If the opp liked to limp/shove and does it again here, then I'd have to call 2880 or 53.8% of my stack to play most likely a 3-way pot with AQ. From pokerstove, if the 2nd opp is playing a top 10% hand and the opp that likes to limp/shove has a range of (14.3% for example, pair, broadway ace, suited broadway connectors), then AQ off is not the favorite in the hand and has 37% equity. If this situation plays out, then I'm putting 53.8% of my chip stack into a pot where I only have 37% equity. The original raiser could also overshove here too, so it would cost even more of my stack to see a flop. The limper did not shove, per the previous reads, but was a good thing here to fold AQ, the way it played out. When you're playing a tournament OR a cash table. I use what I see in the hand to make notes on other players only. Do not get results oriented and let it affect any further play at the table. Once a player folds, the hand's done. In my eyes, while AQ is a good starting hand, with the read information, I'm mucking preflop and finding a better situation to get my chips into. Good luck at the tables umbup: John (JWK24)

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