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Nice to be on the other end

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  • Nice to be on the other end

    Hand vs a spewy villain ( 54/31/5 ) that I decided to outplay on the flop - turns out he outplayed me I should have been punished for not 3-betting this on the button but as the title says, it's nice to be the person doing the sucking out from time to time!
    You might be a king or a little street sweeper, but sooner or later you'll dance with the reaper.

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      nice hand sir


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        Dunno about the preflop being bad for not 3-betting it - there's a chance I would call it too, depending on how far away from the money we are here and how many are left. Also - if he's very loose, he would have called the 3-bet preflop anyway, maybe even shoved on you. And in that case, you have to muck em....

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          Hi Sens Fan,

          Preflop: AK is a hand with great potential, but it's not a made hand. When UTG+1 makes a std opening raise here, I like flatting here. From their stats, they are in a large number of pots, but if they're playing a wide range and don't get an A or K on the flop.... the opp could have paired basically any other card and be ahead. Since it's not a made hand, for pot control, I would call here.

          Flop: K 5 2 with two hearts. The opp makes a very small lead bet compared to the flop size. Due to this, with top pair, top kicker here, I would raise, and raise enough to price out a flush draw, about a pot-sized raise. The opp then 3-bet shoves.
          To be a breakeven situation, I'd need to win this pot 33.8% of the time (call 2955 into a pot of 8730). Here is where the read info would play into it for me. If the opp is tight, then they most likely have a set, AK or Kx hearts. Since the opp has been playing loose, their range is much wider (possibly any 2 hearts, any K or could turn a number of hands into a bluff or semi-bluff).
          With a loose opp, I'm making the call here.

          Unfortunately, the opp in this situation woke up with 55 and had a set (remember, even the loosest of opps are going to get made hands too). Luckily, a K hit on the river to win the hand.

          I'm actually very glad you posted this one, becuase players often remember the hands where they were beat, but not the ones that they were behind and hit an out. These hands happen and should be remembered too.

          John (JWK24)

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