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Question on bet sizing

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  • Question on bet sizing

    Hand 36 in a $1.50 27man SnG.

    Now obviously the way I played it turned out great since I got max value out of it (and the very next hand I turned a set of 9 to crack his pocket AA...) but how about the bet sizing here. On the flop, I see little threat except maybe he 3-bet me with KQ which is a possibility at this level.... So what do you think of the bet sizing. I tend to keep my bets around half-3/4 pot size. Profitable in the long run?

    [replay hand_id=193770 type=ps title_id=2 showControls=1 themePath=table_PS_560x386.jpg lang=en gameEntity=0 hash=3509597A6A]

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    pre - it should be 3bb + 2bb for the limpers = 250

    flop 450 pot - the board is draw heavy so personally i will bet 350

    turn 950 pot - i will bet 750 just to make it expensive for draws

    nh sir


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      I'm quite new to tournaments but I'll give it a shot. I didn't check the results or what hand he had. Any stats on him?

      Preflop: I think you could raise more. You have two limpers (and the blinds still to act). If you've seen them limp/fold a lot this is absolutely fine, but I think the general rule of your base raising amount + 1BB per limper would apply here unless you have reads that say otherwise.

      Flop: I like this bet. They checked to you and you're charging any draws and since it's a standard cbet you could get value from Kx, Qx, TT, maybe smaller pocket pairs like 77-99 depending on villain's tendencies. A larger bet would chase worse hands away and a smaller bet would give him enough odds to draw to a flush. Even though he could have KQ, you should still bet for value since there are a lot more worse hands that would call.

      Turn: I think this bet is fine. JT just got there (which is in his range) but you can still get value from Kx, Qx, TT, and flush draws. He could be slowplaying a straight or even a set here but I think we'd lose a lot of value if we checked behind. I still find it more likely that he has something like QTs-QJs or K8s-KTs than a set or a made straight given the passive line he has been taking.

      River: And he donk shoves. I don't see us folding here because even though JT got there it could very well be a busted draw, Kx, or pocket tens. I doubt that he has two pair, because he would probably take a more aggressive line to protect his hand. He'd probably raise AK and AQ preflop. He either hit his straight on the turn, or he hit his king or queen on the flop and maybe even a heart flush draw which seems likely given the passive line. If he has a straight, then bad luck, but the pot odds are way too good to fold an overpair on this boards against this opponent.


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        I don't like the preflop open. I can see the reason for it, but you want a bet like that to set up a pot size on the flop which makes committing your whole stack easy. In this scenario, you needed to triple-barrel in order to get all-in, and not many people will call down a triple-barrel with a single pair, which is all AA will likely beat.


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          Hi Ov3rsight,

          A premium hand early in a tournament, in position too, is always good to have.

          Preflop: I try to always use a standard bet for every situation, so that it helps to conceal the strength of my hand. My standard at this early level is 3BB + 1BB for each limper. Others use different amounts (2.5BB, 2.2BB, but add 1BB for each limper). With two limpers, I would raise to 5BB or 250. I want to get chips into the pot with AA, but also would like to thin the field some, as AA plays better against a smaller number of opps, as there are less chances that someone can outdraw you.

          Flop: 2 K Q with two hearts When it's checked to me here, I will always make a value bet and bet enough to price out a flush draw, since there is one possible. I try to use 2/3's to 3/4's pot to price out a flush draw, but here there could be a combo draw too (flush AND straight) along with two opps in the hand. Due to this, I'll make a raise in the 3/4 to pot size range (400 chips). I want to get value for my AA, but price out any draws if both opps stay in the hand.

          Turn: 9 of spades This is a scare card, as it completes a straight if the opp had J 10 and also puts a second flush draw on the board. The opp checks and I would make a value bet here again. Since there is only one opp left now, the sizing of it doesn't need to be as large but any bet 500 or over hits the commitment point (1/3 of remaining stack). Due to this, since I want to bet the turn, I'm shoving here, before the opp could see if they hit two pair or a flush on the river.
          If I were to bet here, get called, and then see a heart or spade on the river, would I really want to fold AA with this large of a pot? No. Another reason that I would shove the turn.

          The river card is a bland and would only help if the opp gets two pair from it. I would call here with an overpair to the board and two missed flush draws.

          If the preflop raise is more, it's easier to get all the chips in earlier in the hand, which will allow the opp less of a chance to see if they outdraw you before their chips go in.

          Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.

          John (JWK24)

          6 Time Bracelet Winner



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