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77 overpair multiway on the flop

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  • 77 overpair multiway on the flop

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    .25c 45 man had less then 10 hand sample on the limpers but all are very loose with >50 vpip. Is there any problem with my play on the flop? or the betting size? what if someone shove or raise or min raise? fold, call, shove?
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    Hi Keldraco, Interesting hand. Early in a tourney with a mid pair into a limped pot. Thanks for the read information, as that helps to get a clearer picture for the hand. Preflop: Limping with 77 after an UTG limp can win a large pot if a set is flopped. It also uses pot control if a 7 does not come on the flop. 5 players see the flop after the button calls, the SB completes and the BB checks. Flop: 3 6 4 with two spades. Not a bad flop for 77, that didn't hit a 7. The first three players check. I like value betting in this situation, because an overpair to the board can be the best hand and there are many hands that can call a value bet (board pair, flush draw, straight draw, two over cards). This is where the read information comes into play, because with a loose opp that is in many pots, they will normally have a wider playing range, which lowers the chances that someone may have flopped a set, as they're playing a wider range. The key that I need to think about here is how to get max value for my hand and price out any draws (remember, there are flush and straight draws). It's also harder to price opps out of a hand, the more that are in the pot. If there were only one or two opps in the hand, I'd make my normal 2/3's to 3/4 pot bet here. With more people to act behind you than this, I like to bet slightly larger and make a pot-sized bet. The pot sized bet here makes it a -EV call for more than just the first opp or two that would call. If I get check/raised or the button raises here, then I'd fold, as the opp could have a higher pair, set or a made straight, and a stack of 1210 at 30/60 blinds is still a very playable stack. I'd have the same reaction to any raise, whether it was a min raise or a shove. The opp could be bluffing, but they could also have a hand that is ahead of me and it's too early in a tournament for me to take that large of a risk without knowing that I'm ahead in the hand. It's always good to win a pot without a fight for the chips too. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables umbup: John (JWK24)

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      Thanks JWK24. My hand is too weak to play against any raise here. thanks.



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