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i think im lucky in the BB-open skill league

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  • i think im lucky in the BB-open skill league

    i was given a free ride of course i'll take this anytime i flop 2 pair - you need to bet the best hand and was called turn - no made draws yet - need to bet pot size for the draw to pay because this is open league river - no doubt im still ahead here pushing here will just scare him so i let him bluff me ship it

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    Hey Marvin,

    Interesting hand. With this being from the open league, this tourney's a little different than normal tourneys, that the point is that you have to survive as long as you can, to accumulate the most points that you can, which is different than a cash MTT or S&G. The blinds are only 30/60, so it's still early in the tournament.

    Preflop: you get 27off, the worst starting hand in hold'em, but get to see the flop for free.

    Flop: 2 5 7 with a diamond flush draw, hitting top and bottom pair. With two pair here, I will make a value bet to protect my hand against a draw, basically every time, with a size of 2/3's to 3/4 pot. This bet sizing is to make drawing at a flush a -EV call for the opp. UTG that limped, mucks and the other opp calls.

    Turn: J of spades Unless the opp had JJ or Jx for two pair, the two pair of 7's and 2's is still ahead. If I was in this situation, I would make another value bet and size it so that a flush is priced out (9 outs with 2% for each out hitting is 18%, so I need to make a bet large enough to make a call with a flush draw -EV).

    River: J of hearts This is a very problematic card because if the opp had Jx they now have trips and are ahead. This makes for a sticky situation because a KO at this level of a tournament will cost a number of league points. The later in the month it is (the higher your league score is, the more it will cost you to go out early).
    Due to this, I would make a small blocking bet here of about 200-250. That way, I can get value from a hand like Ax that an opp might think is good for at least a chopped pot, but may not invite a shove from the opp as a bluff on the river.
    If I make the blocking bet and the opp shoves here, then even though I may have the best hand, I'm mucking because even with a smaller stack, since it's a league tourney, I'd still be in it.

    The league tourneys are different animals than a cash tourney, as all you want to do is to accumulate positive points from every one that you can, without taking any risks. Survive and advance in them is how I played them. Having chips in the tourneys helps, but the goal is to survive as long as possible, regardless of chip stack and do whatever you can to get to positive points and get ITM in the tournaments.

    Congrats on winning the hand.

    John (JWK24)

    6 Time Bracelet Winner



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