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AQ 3-way with tricky flop

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  • AQ 3-way with tricky flop

    This hand was in the $0,50+0,05 ($500GTD) I know the villain calls a decent amount of hands but never seen him betting or raising. He plays any suited connectors, PP, and pretty much anything from J10. I also know that my pre-flop bet should have been 250 but to be honest I don't think that would have made a difference against him. But what I really like to know is how I should have played on this flop, only caught middle pair and with a possible flush draw and a possible straight on the flop that isn't very helpful. Should I have made a bigger bet? or shouldn't I have made a bet at all..

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    I think your preflop open was fine. When the blinds get high, you have to do something to keep the pot size under control. 5x wouldn't have been bad either.

    I think you should definitely check back the flop. You have decent equity in the hand and a redraw to the nut straight. But you do not have top pair on a board where someone could have you beat in a ton of ways. By betting, you're making the pot bigger without a good hand, which is very dangerous in tournaments. If you check, you basically get a free card and another look at how your opponents will behave before having to decide whether or not to go with the hand.


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      Thank you, I was thinking the same afterwards but just wanted to make sure. I just hoped both would have completely missed the flop so they would just fold. And after that turn there were no hands within his range that I could have won from so from there it was easy


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        250 is much better to make your hand looks stronger

        your cbet should be at least more than 50%, just to show some strength again around 350

        he is a calling station you need to double barrel here because if he got K he should be reraising you on the flop so looking at the action your still ahead here plus the fact that you have the nut straight except for the lesser outs because of the FD also. The board is super wet.

        river - you gave him a free card he hit it

        im looking here at the river is the best you can do is a chop. he can also have an A for a chop or the best hand which is the flush.

        good fold.

        lesson here - if your think your ahead and you think he's drawing just don't give him a free have to make a stand. he might fold his draw on the turn if you bet and if he C/R you insta muck. in this line your sure your beaten and you fight for the chips you put in there.
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          Taomage, Thanks for putting in the read information on the opponent. That info really helps. Preflop: I agree with your comment about raising to 250. By making the same std raise, it helps to conceal your hand, so that the opp doesn't know if you have AA, AQ, 22, suited connectors, etc. If you had been making standard raises at the table before, then suddenly change the amount, it will be an alert for the opp. Flop: you get 2nd pair on a very draw heavy board. There's a made straight possible, along with many other straight and a flush draw. The opp checks to you here and there are really two ways that I'd go about playing the hand. If you put the opp on a small pair or any other hand that you think you're ahead of, then you can certainly value bet here. If you do, you need to make the bet about 3/4 pot, so that you price out the draws. If you put the opp on some broadway combination, which you stated in your read that the opp will stay with any broadway cards (A thru 10), then I'm checking behind here for two reasons. First for pot control, second, because they could easily have a K. With your read, I think this is the way that I would go here. Check behind and re-evaluate on the turn. Turn: the board pairs the J. Now you're behind A10, 9 10, Jx, Kx or QQ/AA. The opp checks here and I would also have checked behind, like you did, for pot control here. River: 10 of diamonds This is a very scary card for you, as it gives you an A high straight, but it completes the flush (or even a royal's possible). According to your read and the action here, I would have folded on the river too. The opp was known to play any 2 broadway or suited connectors, so they could easily have made a straight, flush, full house, straight flush or royal flush. Your read states that the opp would call, but not bet and all of a sudden the opp leads for 1500 chips. This is out of character for the opponent and is a big red flag. Due to this, I like your fold and would do the same myself. The fold on the river was confirmed when the opp showed their cards, which means that your read on the opp was correct umbup: Make sure that you put their play style into your notes on this opponent, so that you will have them to use the time you see the opponent in a tourney. John (JWK24)

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            Thank you all for the evaluations and tips you gave on this hand, I will definitely use this information next time I get in this situation.

            Especially the information about how to play that flop was very useful, it will probably save me some chips next time.




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