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$1.50 STT, resteal attempt

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  • $1.50 STT, resteal attempt

    1st hand at 50/100 blind levels, I tried to resteal without much of a read apart from assuming he knows some strategy from previous bets and bet sizing Button has 10/8/3.0AF stats from 119 hands BB has 24/7/2.7AF stats from 48 hands Should I wait next time in this sort of situation?

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    4X raise from the BU, I am waiting for a better spot, KJo is way too weak of a holding here, even without the HUD stats.




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      Originally posted by topthecat View Post
      4X raise from the BU, I am waiting for a better spot, KJo is way too weak of a holding here, even without the HUD stats.


      I see. I would normally, first time I've tried to resteal without a very big hand, I'm definitely tilting now and gambling after going $20 down playing these in the last 40 games. I was winning after the first 20 or so games and that gave me too much confidence.


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        you have to remember that the 1.50 STT's are the lowest levels so in most cases you are probably going fairly standard play. People are going to find it hard to fold once they have raised (even if they are stealing)

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          Resteal here is not good because you have no fold equity. Villain gets about 2.5-to-1 on a call, which means if he was stealing with 52o, he should be making a pot odds call. When you consider restealing in this spot, you should recognize that this guy very likely entered this hand knowing he was going to call off a reshove from you, and adjusted his range accordingly. You need a value hand to raise here, and you don't have that.


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            you can't steal

            button is 10/8 meaning he's a solid Tag not much of a stealer

            and he bets 4BB's and you only got 10BB even though he's weak he will still call you because you only got 10BB's. He will not just give away his 4BB to a reraise of 10BB.

            he bets 4BB instead of the regular 2.5BB or 3BB meaning he got a hand.

            and you don't have a resteal option with 10bb's

            imo i think 15BB have the resteal option but with 10BB you just have the steal option but not the resteal option.


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              We cannot make this move here because we are ahead of so few hands. Let's consider what his BU steal range is. If we follow the Spacegravy charts it is any pair and A9s+ - AK+ and so we are ahead of none of that! Okay let's say he is wider than this or can we? He has raised 4x or 30% of the BB stack and is essentially saying " I have a hand that I am willing to call off a reshove with" and this is precisely what happens.
              Now let's look at ICM. His open BU play says he should be shoving ( open / calling off a re jam) with this range
              BU 36.0%, 22+ Ax+ K3s+ KTo+ Q6s+ QTo+ J7s+ J9o+ T7s+ T9o 97s+ 86s+ 76s
              and sb can only call off
              SB 11.5%, 55+ A7s+ A9o+ KQs and
              BB 5.9%, 88+ AJs+ AQo+

              We don't know if he is always raising with AQ + but as we see from ICM calcs we can't call this off! These are purely mathematical numbers and regardless of reads we are in an all in stack spot so we have to be stronger to call off than to open/shove!



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