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Never over till the fat lady screams

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  • Never over till the fat lady screams

    27 man $3.50 regular 6 players left Sitting in 6th while the top 5 get paid, I decided to open up. Yalta cat has been very aggressive during the game. Every time someone would over bet him, he would fold 3 hands later, decided to do it again Now we're 5 and I'm in the money So I continue hitting on Yalta Now we're only 4 The importance of having notes helps a lot Therefore continue over betting with Yalta But this time, he calls?????? OK, I got lucky, but luck is part of the game no? Now, this Patrick guy likes to call (good hand, bad hand) So we both decided to play the calling Now I'm the chip leader What a difference within 40 hands With pocket queens, it's an automatic call Another one bites the dust and then Patrick takes out Richie We are now HU Now I remember that Patrick likes to call or test the waters OOFFFF Ok maybe I was hoping for a miracle, that he had nothing Now there he goes again with just calling Thank You river, but I was going to fold to any bet Now 2 hands later, I put the nail in the coffin And first place is mine....woohoo What I would like to know, would you of done anything different this late in the game? Is this the kind of knowledge you should have on the other players? 2 x 1st and 2 x 4th out of 8....can't really complain umbup:
    Last edited by Sandtrap777; Thu Jan 05, 2012, 02:31 AM.

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    good read on opp is your biggest advantage

    you used it well


    more to come


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      good work sandtrap definitely looks to be a good reason to take notes!!!
      6 Time Bracelet Winner


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        and his hud too


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          Originally posted by roomik17 View Post
          and his hud too
          What's a hud.....LOL

          I NEVER play with a HUD
          Don't understand it
          Don't want to learn about it
          Cludders the screen
          And often fools your judgement

          Especially when multi-tabling

          Never say never, so maybe one day


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            Fantastic recovery Sand and a great example of exploiting your knowledge of opponents.

            Roomik obviously missed the post where you stated that you do not use a HUD whilst playing

            Slipping up Roomik




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              yeah getting old


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                LOL aren't we all.


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                  I think you're showing a good deal of shrewdness in your play here, but there is something that sticks out to me as a mistake. Open shoving A9s UTG on a 20bb stack in hand two seems spewy, since you will get called by AQ+ and JJ+, if not a wider range, and there's roughly a 20% chance somebody behind you will have been dealt that. You're only -cEV by about half a big blind if that's the range that's calling you, but your cEV goes down the poop chute if anyone is calling wider than that. And since you're on the bubble, the ICM implications (your $EV) of shoving there are even worse.

                  I don't think the K8 hand was badly played, though, even though you had to get lucky. It's hard to put someone on aces. I can't actually see half of the hands because my browser sucks right now.

                  I also like how you found people on the table to pressure while on the bubble. Normally, picking a deeper stack seems like suicide when you're on the bubble (you picked both of the deepest stacks), because one call from them and you're out of the game just shy of the money. But since you were the short stack, you had to get creative, and taking advantage of the spewiness that can come from having a big stack seemed to be your way of getting back in the game. Nicely done.


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                    Really nice finish SandTrap. It's definately never over as a short stack.

                    I love the first shove. 14BBs is a good size to resteal, especially if this guy is raising alot. We can still get called a fair bit, but as the short stack thats ok, we need to do something. Also when we are called KQ is will have alot of equity here, We won't be dominated often and can also be dominating him sometimes if he's raising any two boardways or suited K's etc.

                    The A9s hand we are a bit deeper though. 20BBs and UTG so need to get through everyone at the table. I tend to agree with Panicky, when we get called we are usually dominated and lose more equity here than when we gain when we pickup the blinds uncontested. I think a standard 2.5x raise and possible fold to a big 3 bet is fine here. We can still pickup blinds even from UTG.

                    A8o again as a short stack here and inside the money. I like this shove.

                    K8 hand. With our straight draw I think we are better to just call the flop raise, If this guy is spewy he will still pay us off if we hit on the turn. Betting here probably doesn't get too many folds if he is really loose and we've been bullying him a bit already. If we don't hit on the turn we have to fold as I don't wouldn't want to risk life on hitting the straight on the last card. (It's never over remember )

                    The final set of hands are really good too. I like identifying the big stack calling stations here and extracting max value from them. Taking advantage of their aggression. You hit some hands but you need to hit hands to win Sngs/Tourneys and I like you taking full advantage.

                    Good job

                    Last edited by ahar010; Thu Jan 05, 2012, 08:24 AM.

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                      Thanks Panicky and Andy

                      I went back to look at other SnG's which I've lost and noticed what you both said.
                      I do a lot of over betting and the main reason is that I don't want to lose a good hand or give another player the possibility of hitting is cards.

                      I need to re-adjust on the over betting and use it when I'm less than maybe 10BB. Now I also need to go back and look at my losing big pots at cash games.

                      Thanks Again


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                        Originally posted by Sandtrap777 View Post
                        And first place is mine....woohoo
                        That's fun Really enjoyed your post Sandtrap - thanks so much for sharing!! I was just noting in another thread, that it seems like a lot of players from the higher stakes have been trickling down to the lower levels since the holidays. But there's never so many, that I've been able to observe them playing against one another often enough for me to get ideas on how to better deal with them myself. So it's really cool to see you in action - very nice, congrats on the win!! umbup:



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