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odds and implied odds looked soooo good

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  • odds and implied odds looked soooo good

    well this is a rebuy of 1.10 15 minutes away of the final break before the rebuy period is over! most players play way to loose and thats why i build up this stack picking my spots and exploid weak callers tonight my plays worked till this hand. so many callers in the hand i decided to check postflop to see how many of them wanted to double up or get chips when i saw them all i decided to play it out and after the turn my odds where past 2:1 and i decided to call the raise knowing i probably was behind at least 1 of them hitting the straight was my candy for today because it's ther first time i made this break with this big of a stack

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    New table please. instant chip lead?
    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      i will never check post flop here w TPTK

      i will shove it all in post flop and let them fold their drawing hands

      checking will just give them free card to their drawing hand and then when they hit their draw that's the time you will shove. you lose

      with this kind of board and lots of players involve in a hand. no slow playing it will just cost your stacks


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        realized it afterward i indeed better was the shoving type postflop! but in this game everything is possible

        i will post the hands that cost me the tour because these shoving fools are way to loose u never expect hands they show

        most players u can range on opening everything suited and gap connectors and connectors any broadway any pairs any A so thats almost the complete chart

        after the rebuy period is over the stil tend to shove ATo+, Ax s, 55+ Any braodway and suited broadway and high connectors 9T+ and suited connectors 9T+ so this range is also prettyy wide

        also after half an hour after rebuy they mostly start shoving like crazy because it's a 3 times turbo tour so picking your spot is difficult


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          Preflop: I like your raise here and the size of it, as it's a std raise that helps to conceal your hand. However, when you get 4 opps in the hand and two are all-in's, you're normally not going to have the best hand going into the flop, as someone probably has AK or a small/mid pocket pair.

          flop: you get TPTK on a very problematic board. There could be a made straight or two pair with this board easily and there are many straights that someone could be drawing to.
          Due to this and also since I was the preflop raiser, I'm c-betting the flop here, not only for value, but to see where I'm at in the hand. You will also get more info from the two opps in the sidepot with you based on whether they push/call/fold to it. This way, the pressure's on your opponents, and not on you also.
          When they bet/shove and it gets back to you, instead of calling here and letting zuzusev possibly see the last two cards at a discount, if I didn't put that particular opp on AK or 2 pair, then I'm shoving here.

          turn: 7 of hearts (a blank for you). Instead of calling their shove here, if you're going to do that anyway, I think it's better to re-shove on the flop (espeically after a bet and shove). The opp could have Ax and if they had A7, then by not shoving the flop, you let them see that they hit 2 pair.

          river: jackpot card. You had 3 outs to the straight and hit one. Always good to get lucky every once in a while

          John (JWK24)

          6 Time Bracelet Winner



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