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i think i miss some value bet here-sunday storn

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  • i think i miss some value bet here-sunday storn

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    preflop: I like your call with the suited cards here. You're 3 handed, but it's not costing you much more to see the flop, so with a suited K, I'm calling and seeing what happens.

    flop: you get a paired board and you get your flush draw. The opp checks to you and you have 9 outs to the flush and 3 more outs if another K would put you ahead. With 12 outs, you have 48% equity in whatever side pot you build with the opp that checked. Since you will have to put in 50% of the chips to the side pot, I have no problem with the check here.

    turn: the board gets a card that doesn't help you and the opp bets 800 (min bet). You have 18% equity for the 9 outs for the straight and possibly another 6% if a K will make you win. 800 into this pot is less than your equity %, so you need to be calling here.

    river: you miss the flush, but hit a K. You now have top pair and the opp makes another min bet into you. The opp has only min bet the turn/river and didn't bet the flop nor make a real value bet % the entire hand. With top pair here, I'm making a value raise here, to about 3200 and if the opp wants to 3-bet me all in... I'm calling.
    They could have a 6 or a higher K, but if they had a 6, they really played the hand badly.

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      lessons learned

      i think i have acted quickly on this hand

      so quickly that i forgot hey wait I need to value bet, was very happy to see the K and I'm definitely sure I'm ahead because your right the min betting means weakness

      next time need to think first before i acted miss some 3BB's or more here--this is the lesson because your so happy to see the river card that made your hand the best that you need to act quickly

      agree again if he's shoving we need to call



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