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AJ UTG-is this good play or bad?-big $11

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  • AJ UTG-is this good play or bad?-big $11

    opps are calling station, loves to see the flop AJ- should i just fold PRE or it's ok to raise but looking here i should have folded maybe AJ raise when it's in the middle stages not 1st level Post flop 50% bet just to get info if someone have a T or they are in for a draw, we are still 4 players Turn less than 50% for pot control i'm saving my chips in case I lose this one, no one is betting so i assume my J is good because i have good kicker, they might have weaker J or on a draw River: this is a blocking bet, they might fold if they miss or call with weak J but they will definitely raise with T so if they raise I will muck i already showing no confident with my hand due to a lot of players involved in a hand but no one is taking charge so I presumed I'm good here
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    if you know the opps are calling stations (assuming they're tourney regs since this is the first level), then you can NEVER discount them having a 10. If it's me, from UTG, I'm mucking AJo preflop here. If it's cheap and I have position, then I may play it.

    preflop: I hope this is your std raise for this level, as you want to std raise. I had seen you raise much smaller in your prior posts, so wanted to make sure you're standard raising. 5 opps call, which is not good, as they could have basically anything.

    flop: you get 2 pair with top kicker, but someone could easily have a 10. I like the c-bet here, as you have a value hand, but it may not be good and you can get some info about the opps. Three opps call, which is not good, as they should have a 10, J, overcards or straight draws.

    turn: at least a blank hit for you. With 3 callers on the flop, I'm checking here for pot control. There is no way to tell if you've got the best hand and I wouldn't want to be risking that many chips this early without the best hand. If the opps are stations, they'll call anything and probably won't bet back at you, so due to that, I'm checking.

    river: another blank. I'm check/calling here, as the hand does have showdown value but could easily be behind a station with a 10.

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      follow up question:

      turn: If i check and my opp bets 50%-75% do I need to fold or float one time then fold to river bet?


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        I'm mucking it there, because you can be certain they'll do the same thing on the river and it's too many chips for you to be putting into the pot without knowing you have the best hand... to call that and a river bet.

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          lessons learned

          storing in my poker mind



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