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AKo how to play-big$11

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  • AKo how to play-big$11

    I think everytime someone 3bets my cbet or someone C/R me I can't seem to find the guts to call one time because I know I need to hit to call again the turn how to play in this situation profitably no info on opp if i didn't hit my opp seems to know The moment I didn't hit. I don't know what to do when the opp plays back, i just have to fold am I leaking some chips here

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    AK hand: I like your opening raise preflop and I like the c-bet on the flop. Unfortunately, the opp most likely had Qx here... and you did the correct thing by mucking when you did.

    A10 hand: Again, like the preflop raise and the size of it. The BB defending is not that surprising. In this hand however, you're in position. Since the opp checked the flop that you missed, if it were me, I'm checking behind and taking a free card. If you were out of position, I like the c-bet, but since you're in position, I'd take the free card and hope that it hit one of mine or at least gave me some sort of draw.
    When the opp calls your flop bet, then leads the turn, you've got to muck here, as you're beat almost every time.

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      Hard to say whats going on but I can give you some things to think about.

      - It could be a timing tell
      Usually for players to pick up on this it would mean you are cbetting way to quickly or when you have it taking more time than when you dont. I try to work on this every tourney I play.

      - It could be a bet size tell
      You might not be betting the same amount when you have it.
      Looking at both hands it looks like you are betting about 1/2 pot when you dont have it,so maybe look at that and mix it up.
      1st hand you open utg 2.5xbb which I find gets looked up quite often if it isnt 3xbb or 4xbb.
      People look for strength signals utg and the days of every one folding to any bet utg are gone.
      In fact more players are getting involved with utg. Its the old "You know that I know you know" game.
      Maybe take a look through that tourney or a tourney you felt some one was just calling your utg bets.Look to see if they are just using position and waiting for you to stop betting and betting to steal or raising you. I will guess more often they are waiting for you to stop betting.
      I used to bet 2.5xbb utg but I found donks dont respect it and either do more seasoned players.

      In the 2nd hand he could have 2 pair or less likely a straight but he woke up to the fact that you could be on a flush draw and is protecting his hand. Or he making a play,its really hard to tell with out reads. When a player jams its usually one or the other and I tend to give them the benefit of the doubt if they dont have a history with you.
      Think of it like this you have KK,you open 3xbb and a player calls in late position. Flop comes A48 rainbow. You bet and the player shoves,from history I can tell you they have Ace rag almost always. Any time I have talked myself into calling because the guy is a donk they will have a ace.
      Even if I have AK I still may fold because some guys play ace rag preflop like the nuts and then they hit not just the ace but the weak ass kicker. All depends on reads and Im going off the topic here.

      If I had to choose a hand I had to call of the two it would most likely be the 1st because he has position and just flatted in late position. 2nd hand is BB and it can be all kinds of junk he connected with.


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        Why do we have no info on the opponents? Hand 1 is the 100-200 blind level and hand 2 is the 125-250 blind level at the same table.
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          Originally posted by TheLangolier View Post
          Why do we have no info on the opponents? Hand 1 is the 100-200 blind level and hand 2 is the 125-250 blind level at the same table.
          because I just got transfered,

          this is always my problem during the middle stages when i got transfered and played a hand with my opp I always don't know what to do in this kind of situation.

          I know this is off topic sir,

          but what is the best thing to do?

          example, you in the money you still got 30BB, table is aggressive, you will see lots of raising PRE and 3bet and you are card dead.

          Do I force myself to play with mediocre hands with a chance of getting 3bet or just wait patiently for a good hand?

          I think this always happened to me and I always seem to become a tight player when everyone becomes aggressive but the problem here is I will get blinded out to 10-15BB and be force to play shove/fold mode without being able to have a chance to play post flop poker.

          This happened to me in Big$11 a lot of times already. I'm very disappointed with my play during in the money stages already. I can't get myself in a position to win chips without risk when I raise someone will 3bet me and when I cbet they will 3bet my cbet or do the C/R move.

          Is there a videos regarding this, I think this is my problem I don't know how to play properly during in the money stages that's why I can't get myself deeper maybe around 50 to 100 players left. It seems like if I'm in the money and still having around 30BB's I can get myself deeper because I'm playing tight when everybody is already playing loosely.

          HELP, I need to improve my game here


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            A fine question...if these hands aren't back to back you must know something... I understand the fist one being just moved but 15 min. Levels by the second you really should have a lil info
            My point is try to be a lil more conscious of plays and players when NOT in a hand.. GL
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              is this in the same games you always play? if so it is probably the regs have adjusted to you and your game and are now exploiting your tells



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