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HU vs ALL-IN Maniac

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  • HU vs ALL-IN Maniac

    Villain has played a semi-loose/passive style. His PFR hands that went to SD were premium hands. HEM doesn’t breakdown his stats; it only shows his final stats. I’m estimating, VPIP 30, PFR 6. He has adjusted somewhat to HU play. I am testing him to see how he reacts to different PFR (using either 2X or 2.5X). I’m keeping my hand strength balanced with my changing PFR sizes. I really don’t have any reads with this play; I just want to keep him off balance. We got to HU rather early in this STT. He had a big lead (105BB to 30BB), but I still had room to maneuver. After 21 hands of HU, my opponent seemed to get tired of playing. He started shoving has stack, and lost his big stack lead; then he tripled-up! Is he still going to be a MANIAC? Is he truly tired of this HU match? I’m not really sure. Only read I have, is that he started shoving when we were even in chips. So I have to lean toward, he’s not slowing up now. I have 48BB’s (just more than ½ chips in play), and I’m faced with an AI 3bet from his new ‘MANIAC’ style. The blinds are going up in a couple of hands, and I would then have just about half the chips in play (if I keep folding). Do I risk the tourney on KJo PF, with a 48BB stack? Or, do I wait for a better hand? I’m a favorite to his range, which has been all over the place. Two problems with waiting: A) the blinds are going up, and my M will get smaller; B) the blinds he takes from me will be working against me. What would you do? Part 1: His ALL-IN Mode. Part 2: The Problem Hand Can’t get the replayer to pause, ‘click’ the middle button to pause the action, after LBC’s 3bet.
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    Replayer hmmmm... now both replayers don't work. Let's try again below: Part 1: His ALL-IN Mode Part 2: The Problem Hand Can’t get the replayer to pause, ‘click’ the middle button to pause the action, after LBC’s 3bet.
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      A lot of the data your HUD has picked up at full table play will tend to go out of the window for HU situations. In large respect, HU play is such a different animal that you will need to totally re-build your read base before wanting to take big risks in hands.

      A lot of what you need to be thinking when an opponent starts HU play with a wildly erratic style (such as a constant all in play) is "what is the risk/reward balance here"?

      Just like in full ring play, you really will NOT want to be courting races or near races all that often on a 48BB stack. With 48BB in your stack, you can conceivably fold off 15 or 20BB here waiting for a stand hand versus his all in's, and STILL be within a single double up of re-taking the lead.

      If you fold THAT often, and he is STILL jamming, then you have to know that a hand like KJ stands a good chance to be facing not just rag A and small pp jams, but a pretty wide variety of 2 under-card jams as well; THAT is when you should be ready to "go" on KJ versus his range.

      Earlier on in HU play though, KJ is going to be a 40% dog to Any A up to AT, is going to be a small 48% dog to a pp up thru TT, and is really only going to be dominating KT or QJ and under.
      If you do not really want to court a race because of the depth of your stack, KJ is way too risky to call a pre flop jam on with the size of your stack...even if the Villain has shoved 3 or 4 times in a row.

      The loss is just too damaging if you lose, and the chance you are no bigger than a somewhat small favorite (about 65% at most) is just too great.

      Let him think he is crushing you because you are folding single BBs...the loss of those BBs do not hurt you much at all. When you catch a hand like QQ or AK and CALL his pre flop jam, that is when you get back all those BB folds, and a whole pile more.

      Hope it helps.

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        I think I'd have passed on the hand with a K. Yes, you might be ahead, but I'd want to be losing the small pots and only putting my chips in when I thought I was ahead. KJ is a good hand, but there are a number of hands that you could be behind. If it was Ax, then I'm going all-in, but not with a king and the chip lead.

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