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This is why you should pre-flop raise

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  • This is why you should pre-flop raise

    Was given an absolute gift of a hand here. Tripled my stack with a junk hand I'd never have played in any other position. I was not at all worried about pocket Q's because these Russians were shoving every and any pocket pair. Exactly one orbit later, a more playable hand, was a bit more cautious about this as it was only 2 pair, but I figured that if he had a pocket pair he'd have pre-flop shoved like he did every other time he had one. And exactly one orbit later, I got 49s hit a flush on the flop, but considering the amount of times ive lost even with J high flushes to higher flushes, and the fact someone bet before me, I folded. I think I made the right decision on that hand even though it turned out he missed the flush and was betting with his ATo. Then I moved tables

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    first hand: I really wouldn't be worried about QQ either... however, A3 is within the opp's range, especially with a loose opp. Yes, you won the hand, but you need to watch for 3x with a higher kicker in this situation against an ATC opponent.

    second hand: preflop, no problem as you get to see the flop for free.
    On the flop, you get top 2 pair on a board with two diamonds. I do NOT like the check here. You've got 3 opps in the hand and one could easily have suited diamonds (suited cards is what a number of opps will limp with in this type of situation). You need to make any opp pay to draw at a hand that can beat you. When you get two of the opps to min bet then min raise, this is a perfect spot for you to 3-bet. You need to make the opps pay to draw at you.
    On the turn, same thing. You need to be betting here, enough to price out the opponents from a flush draw. Checking is not what you want to be doing here. You got lucky and one of the two remaining opps bets.
    On the river, you add some options in the opp's range that you're now behind (J9, J8). You need to be leading here too.

    You got really lucky here, but if you play a hand like this passively against any better opponents, you're going to bust yourself here, instead of winning the pot.

    third hand: would depend on the opp and the preflop play. Depending on what happened there, I could easily be shoving the made flush on the flop.

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      I know I was extremely lucky with both of these hands, which is the main reason I posted them, to show what can happen if everyone just limps.
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