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Semi bluff

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  • Semi bluff

    Hi, I don't actual have a hand to be annalysed.
    I have tried a few semi bluffs lately mainy on the turn, but none have really worked.
    Just wondering if you are keen on semi bluffs and the best time for them!
    All of mine have been called and I end up losing with the 2nd best hand.
    I have tried them with double gutters, flush draws and others but end up losing.
    Do you think it is good to maybe bust out in a few tournys for the chance to go deep?

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    Semibluffs usually shouldn't be big tournament-affecting decisions. They're little stabs or aggressive raises you make on a bluff when you actually have some outs. But they should usually be small so that you don't end up regretting them if you don't win the hand.

    Try not to semibluff players whom you see as loose and passive, since if we assume that they'll call you with bad hands, and that your draw is always worse than their bad hands (unless you make your draw), then you're allowing their horrible play to actually be correct. If you're having trouble with semibluffs, consider just check-calling one street or just check-folding and only relying on made hands to pick up chips.

    I'm sure others will have good advice for you on this topic.


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      Bluffs, semi- or not, must tell a consistent story to be effective. This is the first law of bluffing. The first corollary to that law is that you can't bluff the unaware. Loose-passive players are generally unaware. They play the two cards in their hand and nothing else.

      So to be effective any bluff tells a story to a willing listener. Loose-aggressive players get looked up more than any other breed, so your image is a vital part of the story you tell.



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        I agree with Joe, they must tell a story..... and if you're going to do it on the turn, the story absolutely has to fit with what you did previously in the hand (preflop and flop). If you tried to rep one thing preflop and on the flop, then change and try to rep something else on the turn.... it'll fall into the JDLR column (just don't look right). If that's the case, you're going to be getting called more often than you normally would.
        I can't say for your exact hands, but if I were you, I'd go back and look at the HH and see if you kept a consistant pattern, or just abruptly changed and threw in the semi-bluff. Also look to see if there were any loose/passive's in the hands (calling stations), because since they'll call anything, you can't bluff them.

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          You're allowed to call when you have a draw too. Anyhow, it's called a semibluff because you're still bluffing, and thus in general need to have reason to believe the other guy will fold at least some of the time.

          Say you're on the button with T9 on a Q86 flop after calling a TAG's preflop raise. The TAG C-bets and you call because he's C-betting a ton here and you have a nice draw anyway. Turn is an A. He checks and you bet because he's likely to be giving up on the turn a lot. You only have T high, so you're never winning a showdown, but you might be able to take it down here and even if you get called you have a bunch of outs.
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            my opinion here is that a u shoul definetly use the semibluff tactic if u have a flush + OESD but don t wayt till the turn to do it . the chances to win there are very high and u will be favourite over 60% of the time(even agains an oponent with top pair ,top kiker). also if u can force a bluff u will win some chips there and that s a good end too. a semibluff it's ok if u have just flush draw or just OESD but u need to be more carefull because the outs are fewer offcourse. in this cases if your oponent was the agresor u should just call his Cbet and see how the hand develops on the turn but a fold it's also a good ideea if u don t get enough odds .



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