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  • First Hand

    This was the first hand of the touney. Should I have folded?
    Last edited by Johnny Oak; Mon Dec 26, 2011, 06:23 AM.

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    *** moved to more appropriate thread JWK24 ***

    preflop: gotta do more than min-raise. Make it 90-120 for the first raise. When you get a min-raise and then a call, this is a perfect place to put in a good sized 4-bet. The 4-bet sizing should be to a raise of about 300. You want to raise enough so that you can build a pot and hopefully get one opp out of the hand.

    flop: One opp donks into you (the only player that did not raise preflop) for 230 chips, the size of a value bet. You have top set, so you definitely need to be raising here. You raised to 1065, which is a bit larger than I probably would (about 900... pot plus their bet), but 1065 isn't a bad raise. You get 2 callers here, which is interesting. The opps should have another set, 2 pair or a diamond draw, or maybe just Ax.

    turn: the opp that donked into you on the flop with 2 diamonds, does it again. That would really make me scared of a flush from them. However, they made a value bet thin enough that you're basically priced into it even if the other opp doesn't call. You have 10 outs to a full house or quads (20% equity) and have to put just over 22% in the pot.
    Here's where you need to just call and see if you can hit the full house. Min raising with 3 diamonds on the board here is almost always going to get you in trouble... as you're basically only going to get called by a flush, which you're behind.
    The opp then shoves after your raise... which makes sense if they have the flush.. and you're unfortuantely priced in and committed to call it.

    If it were me, I'm raising a bit more preflop, a bit less on the flop and just calling the turn. That way I've got enough chips left if I need to fold on the river, but the pot's big enough that I can get them in if I hit the full house on the river.

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      Is this a Fixed limit tourney?

      Gotta raise to get more value in on the pre flop nut hand if it isn't.

      Why allow someone who can only be 3betting you, and someone who can only be calling a 3bet, on less than you so little?

      Raise stronger, someone is probably calling more here at least.
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        You can't fold the best hand - you could reraise more preflop though. You absolutely KNOW you have the best hand, are you trying to trap?? I hate trapping, I usually end up trapping myself.

        This is exactly the hand to get into a bidding war with, what are you waiting for??


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          what else can I say?

          raise hard PRE why 2BB so small agree with them 90-120. then you got a 3bet you 4bet small again you already got the chance to correct your mistake but still made the same mistake by again raising small enough for them to stay into their hands.

          agree with joy don't get into trouble by raising light that you might get into trouble by yourself.

          The BB should already fold if you already raise hard PRE and 4bet hard. The only opp might be the 3bettor and you could kick his butt with your trips.



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