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Did I wrong move...???

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  • Did I wrong move...???

    How I made a fold with that hand???Did I have a wrong move? Plez give me Advices....!!!

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    The guy overbet shoved and you only had one pair. I think it was a good fold. Had you called, you likely would have lost fifty big blinds (a very good stack) and you would have kicked yourself for not making it deeper in the tournament. Villains will usually have at least two pair here, and they'll be betting big to protect it from straight and flush draws. Well played. By the way, I really like your flat call of the preflop open raise rather than reraising yourself. You're so deep, I think that playing a flop will be more profitable for you than getting the chips in before the flop. umbup:umbup: TheLangolier has some good training videos in the Library on ranging opponents, which might help you in situations like these in the future. If you haven't taken a look already, it might be a good idea.


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      preflop, you get 2 limpers, then a raise (std raise size with 2 limpers). I like the flat here. You could raise, but any of the limpers or the original raiser could be ahead of you, as you only have ace high (even though AK is a very good starting hand, it's not a made hand).
      When joey calls, I'd be putting them on some sort of low/mid pocket pair (limp/call).

      On the flop, you do hit top pair, but this is a really scary board. Someone could have a made straight, a flush draw (a royal draw too), 2 pair or a set.
      When joey shoves, it really looks like he's got a set of 10's. If so, the opp would want to shove to make anyone drawing at a straight or flush pay the max to draw.

      Due to this, you have 4 outs (the Q's for a straight) and that's it for single outs... as if you hit a K, while you would then have a set, the opp gets a full house with the K.

      I like the fold here. Save your chips for a better situation and a deeper run in the tourney.
      You'll definitely be able to find a better situation to get your chips into, instead of calling that large of a bet with possibly only 16% equity, or even less equity if the opp has a made straight.

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