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Q,Q vs aggressive opp in bb

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  • Q,Q vs aggressive opp in bb

    $11 mtt about 2hrs in & still long way from making money The opp has been very active in late positions and who has been 3betting from blinds to middle/late position opening raises. This time he tanks for a while in bb and flat calls which was a bit unusual as he was either folding or 3betting. After he check calls the flop whats the best action to take on turn? Cheers.

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    If the opp was 3-betting or folding, then certainly a flat is out of the ordinary and needs to be looked at differently.

    When the opp checks the flop, I like your c-bet and it's the correct size, with regard to the pot too. Good job on it.

    The opp calls the flop, but then checks again on the turn. Either they floated the flop with 2 overcards or they're sandbagging a monster.
    They should be raising preflop with a monster... but... they could easily flat with a small/mid pocket pair preflop, then check/smooth call with a small/mid pair that turned into a set.

    If it's me, due to that, I'm checking the turn for pot control. If the river hits me, then I may call a bet on the river if it's not too large, but if the opp now leads out with a larger value bet, then I'm mucking even if I hit the river.... becuase they slowplayed a set.

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      i would bet the turn

      im probably wrong but i would of bet the turn to see how strong the opp was,if you check the turn in this situation the opp might push on the river then you have no idea wether hes bluffing or genuine.i would put the opp on a fishy sr8t draw so would bet to check he hasnt played pocket tens and hit full house trapping me.probably wrong as im not that good but thought i would share my opinion in a interesting hand thats explained proper unlike my posts lol



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