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got the fish where i want him to be

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  • got the fish where i want him to be

    im going to get my chips back with or without a hand nice opportunity to bluff the fish it worked i smelled him like a dog weak bet fold to 3bet definitely if he shove insta fold
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    this opp's min bets are just leaking off chips. Also, if you don't have a specific read on the opp you're doing this to... Don't... I know you did, because I can see a pattern in these posts. preflop: opp min raises again and you raise. I'd have raised a bit more than you did.. but the size of yours is fine too. flop: If you're going to make a bluff at the opp, you need to make the story behind it believable. You obviously missed the flop (not a real surprise with this hand). The opp bets out (like before) on the flop and you raise the opp again. I like the size of the bet, because it looks like a value bet that is trying to price a draw out. You raised preflop, which says that your hand is strong preflop. You raised the flop, which says that not only are you not scared of the A or K, that you've got a strong hand. It really makes your hand look to your opp like AK or AQs... not the 38 off that you've really got. The opp can't beat an A, so they fold. Good bluff umbup: NOTE: to everyone reading and watching this..... this type of move will work much better in bigger buy-in tourneys, NOT in a micro or a freeroll. It also will take a very specific read on the given opponent. If you do this in a micro or a freeroll, you'll get called by a better hand than yours, almost every time. They may not have the best hand of everyone that calls, but will be ahead of yours.

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      i have a great story behind the pre flop raise too.

      because i alrealdy 3bet him twice 3x his bet and he folded twice i think

      that's why i change the pattern a little to get him confused I just make it like I want you to come in I got a big hand. that's why i just almost doubled his raise.

      im so happy with this play after he doubled up with my TPTK to his 2 pr.

      and the happiest i did is SHOW HIM THE BLUFF, of course need to BRAG but only to him because of the suck out but i dont like showing the bluff to people not to see my play and pattern


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        Originally posted by marvinsytan View Post
        i dont like showing the bluff to people not to see my play and pattern
        Smart idea. The only time you should show this... is if by showing it, you can tilt your opponent.

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