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i just took a hit i cant call

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  • i just took a hit i cant call

    i lead out a good bet he shoves i cant call if i didnt took a hit i will gamble but UTG raiser maybe next tme
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

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    preflop: calling their raise is fine.
    You're in a 3-way pot, out of position, so you could also 3-bet the opp here too. If you do 3-bet, you need to be ready to call a 4-bet shove from the opp and 10's is borderline for doing that.

    flop: you get 3 under cards with a pair. I like the lead here and I also like the fold to the shove.

    If the opp is going to shove as a raise on the flop, then they'd most likely have 4-bet shoved preflop too, if you raised.

    I think you played this hand well.

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      Calling pre flop is fine, but if your going to, i'm not sure why you'd call if your just going to bet/fold such a great flop for tens. How many hands has villain opened in early position?

      On the flop, you donk lead out on such a dry board (expect the flush draw).. I usually consider leads on flops like this as a bluff as it's likely to miss the raiser and caller unless they hold an over pair or a flush draw. He may have shipped over your bet with a flush draw and two overs, so I prefer a check call here.

      The turn is difficult if he bets again, especially if the turn is under your pocket ten's but generally if he double barrells a bricked turn then he must have a pretty strong holding as he knows if your calling the flop, then your gonna call the turn. If he checks back it's unlikely he has a monster pair, and if the flush draw bricks with no paint then I check/snap call any bets on the river.

      Check calling gives us the most information IMO.


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        Originally posted by KyeBuff View Post
        Seeing this with your avatar is a bit funny to me.

        Any information on the villain's EP opening range and postflop aggression tendencies? Without reads, I think calling this 3bet is fine, because there are as many overpairs to the board that you beat as there are that beat you. And you will occasionally run into someone who will think that you won't have anything because the board is so dry. What's more, some of the overpairs that beat you will flat you instead of 3bet jamming, either because they're afraid of the board pair or becauce they think that they're getting value from your bluffs.

        Scary call, but a borderline bad fold imo unless the villain would fold or limp medium pairs UTG (but if you think he'd do this with AK and especially with AQ, your equity goes way up, which is why I think folding is an iffy idea). As played, I agree that donking is not as good as check/calling or check/raising though.
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          Originally posted by JWK24 View Post
          You're in a 3-way pot, out of position, so you could also 3-bet the opp here too. If you do 3-bet, you need to be ready to call a 4-bet shove from the opp and 10's is borderline for doing that.
          I think QQ is borderline for doing that. I think 3betting with TT here is very bad on 30bb effective, especially with the other big stack, who could call or 4bet shove and would then make the pot 50bb effective. If you get 4bet, you're probably facing AK and QQ+, so 3betting would be a pure steal here and you'd need to fold to a 4bet for sure. There isn't enough dead money in the pot to justify steal raising, but there is enough money behind to justify setmining, so I think that calling is the only correct option, unless the open raiser is known to call 3bets or 4bet jam with very weak hands.


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            wow I'm learning a lot from here

            I just notice now that I can check call to get info too, yes

            I thought only to get info is to be leading but by check calling then if he checks turn there's I got my info. Great info guys.

            of course if he double barrel he might have a strong hand if he check turn he might have 2 overs

            thank you guys



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