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Saturday Micro 17/12/2011 JJ

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  • Saturday Micro 17/12/2011 JJ

    Played this tourney on Saturday and find myself in a few spots where I could not decide if to 3 bet or not, this is one of these spots , the original raiser had not done anything out of line , so I think they have a reasonable holding although they are in late position, what do you think 3 bet or call and if I 3 bet how much to ? Thanks.

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    Call. Especially if you have a read saying that the villain isn't prone to late position kleptomania. If you 3bet, you want one of two reactions: the villain to fold or the villain to shove. If the villain folds, then you've wasted the value of a perfectly good hand like JJ and gained very little. If the villain shoves, you should fold because no tight villain should be shoving anything weaker than JJ besides perhaps AK, which is only narrowly behind. If you fold, you gain nothing. Ideally, you want to win the villain's whole stack, and you can't really do that by 3betting, so don't.

    You and the villain are deep enough for you to setmine, so setmine. Call and see what the flop says. If you don't hit a set and one or more overcards come, don't be afraid to fold. Because calling preflop is seriously +EV, even if you fold, your play will be profitable because of your action preflop. In theory, at least, you're a super-mega money winner.

    Good morning!


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      Agree with Panicky on this one, flat call is definitely the best move even with the BB to act after you, if the original raiser is not doing anything out of line from the Cut Off previously.

      I would say that if you are calling to always have a plan for your hand; saying I will call but only continue in the hand if I hit the board in some way is an exploitable leak in my opinion and what do you do if the BB 3bets in this spot?

      If it were a cash game I am definitely 3 betting my Jacks, but then cash is a different beast altogether, and my lack of success in tournies is testament to the fact that my advice may not be the best advice to follow. I will be interested to hear more feedback and see if I can learn something myself




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        I'm calling and seeing what the flop is, then re-evaluating. You have a very playable hand, but it's not a monster, so you don't need to 3-bet this early in a tourney.

        You want to see the flop with JJ here, but you also don't want to take an a risk that you don't have to take and put your tourney life on the line when you're not sure you have the best hand.

        If you 3-bet here, their move in return SHOULD be to either 4-bet shove or fold. You don't want to have to be calling a shove with only JJ this early in the tourney.

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          This is what I did, I floated the flop to see if they were willing to fire on the turn and they did so I most likely think I am beat. Thanks.



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