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Ace ten big blind-shaky flop

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  • Ace ten big blind-shaky flop

    Last edited by rednektroll; Sun Dec 18, 2011, 10:19 AM.

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    Hi, there's no question or background info, just the hand, so I'm not entirely sure what feedback you're looking for. Preflop check your option is fine, I would as well without reads. Flop is an easy fold, there's really no reason to do anything else imo. umbup:
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      Thats about all just wondering if I made the right play there.


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        This was my exit hand near the bubble getting low on chips...good call?


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          For me its an instant call to the op pushing with 5bb, the op on the sb pushes all in to isolate which i also think was correct play, but note the sb stack, you had over 20bb i would not call that getting short and the op on the sb had you covered so u basically risked all your chips with AQ and close to the bubble after you have done all the hard work, you have to take into account stack sizes btn with 5bb can't bust you, sb had you covered so ask yourself this do you want to flip with 20bb so close to the bubble in a 3 way pot.You must note stack sizes this for me is a big part of torney play. Just my opinion m8 umbup: Merry xmas.


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            i thought easy fold 20plus blinds,easy call to just the button player but when small blind pushed your tourney was on the line,you could of folded your way to the money then pushed later i have a cupboard full of bubble trophies lol from making that mistake poker school has helped me start seeing my mistakes a lot more great guys on ere and ladies no doubt.use your hand histories and study them to see how you actually lay i was surprised my play is up and down like a yoyo,and im trying to get consistent,how ever in the hand you was slightly ahead but pre flop pushs rely on good luck and the skills then dont count,my biggest mistake is snap calls...the timer is there for those decisions use it wisely check posistion quickly and stack sizes to see if u really need to push,e.g the bubble only got 2 blinds left..and lol wish i could listen to my own advice sometimes then i wouldnt make these type not the best player in the world but hope some of this was usefull.


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              in the AQ hand, this is a fold preflop. If the larger stack in the SB folds, then you call the short stack's shove. When the SB over-shoves, we need to make sure that we'll beat that opp after all 7 cards. AQs is a good hand, but it's not a made hand (only A high with 2nd kicker), so muck and not take the chance in a 3-way pot to get ko'd. AQ plays much better against only 1 opp, than against 2 opps.

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                Thanks for the insight guys. My initial plan was to shove if the small blind flat called. He had been playing some fairly weak hands so I was pretty sure I had at least a small edge pre flop. In hind sight I agree with it being a bad call in that it ended my tourney and also that I get beat quite often by weaker starting hands when players are all in. I wasn't worried about the short stack but the sb shove I normally wouldn't call especially so close to the bubble.


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                  3 hours of playing well and then you deviate from the game plan for a split second. This is why a person needs to be structured and stick to the plan



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