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Could I have played these different/better way?

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  • Could I have played these different/better way?

    I think this hand just played itself, don't think it could have gone any different. Or could it have been played in any different way? I have to 3bet shove there and I can't fault the opp in bb to call with his 10bb stack. I am not sure about this one though. I think I got over excited and lost value by over betting but at the same time I didn't want to raise smaller so others are priced in to call since half the table is to act behind me. Having said that I have a niggling feeling that didn't utilise the full potential of the hand. Cheers.

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    actually, in the first one with AKs, you got the exact result preflop that you wanted. The two big stacks both have chips invested into the pot that become dead money and you're only up against the short stack.... so you're getting a better investment on the chips that you put in, plus, if you lose the hand, you're not KO'd.
    You got unlucky and lost the race (the hand ahead preflop held), but other than the 5 board cards... you got the optimal result from the hand preflop.. free chips added to a pot against a smaller stack.

    In the AA hand, I agree, I think you overbet preflop. I'd have raised to 8500-9k. You want to 3-bet to try and isolate the min raiser, but you don't want to bet enough to make them fold preflop. I also agree with your statement about not wanting to raise too small, as you'd then price in multiple opps in a situation that you'd rather be up against a single opp.

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