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kaboom # 2

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  • kaboom # 2

    Why oh why can these not happen in cash tourneys ??????????? I think I played it right, not many other choices..........I think ? Peace Skinyumbup:

  • #2
    preflop: you're fine here and with approx 21% equity against that many opps, you're basically priced in.
    (you have a smaller raise to call and more opponents than marvin's example from earlier... so you are priced in here, where if you had to call a larger raise with less opps, you're not priced in).

    flop: You flop trips, but there is also a flush draw out there. You really need to bet here to accomplish two things. 1) to thin the field, get some opps to fold 2) to price out a flush draw

    You bet 55.6% of the pot, which does price out one opp for drawing at a flush, but if everyone calls, the later opps will be priced in due to the larger size of the pot by the time it gets to them.
    I'd have bet at least 75-80% of the pot, if not even potted it. At least it narrowed the field down to one opp (most likely holding Ax, 3x or spades).

    turn: one of the cards you do NOT want to see.... a spade. Now all the spade draws are ahead of you along with 37, which should have dropped preflop, so I take that out of their range.
    With a pot that's larger than your stack and since you've still got outs if the opp hit a flush (pair the K or board for a full house), the only move you have left is to shove... which you correctly did. Luckily the opp had Ax instead of spades and your trips held.

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