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how to play this differently?

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  • how to play this differently?

    This is on the bubble of a $1.50 90-Man KO SNG, i had a pretty tight image at the table and villian was a bit loose..

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    Call the flop. By raising, you saying, "I have a King! "

    If the villain can't beat that, he'll fold. You're letting him get away cheap with all of his bad hands, and you're giving him an easy way to get all of your chips with his good hands. By calling, you're keeping the pot small enough to justify folding if you later decide he has you beat, and you're also giving him no reason to leave the hand if he's bluffing.


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      preflop: perfectly fine and normal. you raise to 3BB to open.

      flop: you raised pre and now the opp bets first. That means that they hit some part of the flop. You have top pair, but not top kicker, so I think in this situation, since it's the bubble, it's better just to call and re-evaluate on the turn, especially since the flop better has a larger stack than you. Plus... you don't know what the SB has (you don't know if they want to check/raise).
      You've most likely got enough chips to cash and the fist thing you need to do is to get ITM and not take a chance to an opponent with a larger stack, that can KO you from a tourney. Take your chances against the short stacks, not the big stacks. You can't win a tourney, if you first don't get ITM.
      When you raise the flop and the opp calls, their card range narrows considerably.... AK, 2 pair, set, A6, A2, KQs or KJs and you're behind almost all of them.

      turn: an A comes (one of the worst cards for you). Now, any opp that had Ax is now ahead of you. The only 2 hands in the opps range that you could beat (A6, A2), you're now behind.
      The opp checks (they most likely had a read that you would be aggressive and would keep betting out... which was correct). They call, means they think their hand is still strongest, even after the over card hit.. so the ace didn't scare them at all.
      If it were me in your shoes, I'm checking the turn, not only for pot control, but knowing i'm beat and could be drawing dead.

      river: when the opp shoves, this, if you look at the range of the opponent throughout the hand, is an easy fold. You can't beat anything in their range, so you have to muck, save the chips you have left and get ITM.

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        Thank you, I'm beginning to see a lot more what bet sizings etc mean.. as always cheers for the help..



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