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Stuck in 7th gear

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  • Stuck in 7th gear

    900 players left, and I'm in the top 10 ... didn't do crazy stuff, just playing my game and capitalising on others bluffs and mistakes. I've been moved to another table, and my downfall begins. Don't let this happen to you, learn on my mistakes and, how to brake My instincts were screaming, but ... I had to play 1st hand, but second one is a HUGE mistake ! Gone in two hands ... I was doomed

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    you're shoving preflop, way, way, way too much. You need to learn to raise preflop and then play postflop more.

    In the first hand, you want to 3-bet, but shoving on this big of a stack is too much overkill. 3-bet to about 3k.. to get the original raiser committed to the pot and if they come over the top, then call. On the flop, as long as the board does not pair, then make a bet the size of what the opp has left.

    In the 2nd hand, open shoving for 63BB is NOT good. The only hands that can call you will be either in a race with you or have your marginal hand crushed.
    You should have raised to 750 and if the opp shoves over you, then muck the hand. If they call, see the flop, then re-evaluate and go from there.

    If you want to continually make it deep into tourneys, especially ones with better players in them, you need to stop shoving that big of a stack preflop... and learn how to outplay players after the flop.

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      I don't play shove fests usualy. but I think that guy in 1st hand didn't even see me coming at table, or considering my stack (maybe I'm wrong), I acted like a donk, I wanted him to call ... this is my KO, isolating mindset, which can be dangerous (and was) for me in "normal" tournaments.


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        that will hardly ever work in a tourney with any advanced players in it. You may get lucky in a freeroll, but will not work over time (yes you can get extremely lucky every so often) against most opponents. It will NOT make you dangerous, it will put you at the rail much sooner than you should be there. I do, however, agree 100% with your statement that "I acted like a donk".

        I pulled your numbers up on OPR and you're busting out of tourneys 35% of the time in the bottom 30%... that means you're playing way too loose early and shoving too much when you're not guaranteed to have the best hand at that point. You're also running at a -67% ROI and it looks like you're playing mostly turbo tourneys.

        From seeing this, the thing that should be first on your list to learn to better your game..... patience. Until you learn patience, you'll have these types of beats happen over and over and over.

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          Thanks for the info, beleive it or not, next topic wiil be about playing a tournament at early stages and "my way"
          Tournament at pause right now, must go ...



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