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  • Need analysis

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    It was a .25c 45-man SNG. If UTG only raise with JJ+ and AK then... i dont know. What confuse me is that he checked the flop. After he show his AK, i think he probably will bet his set or top 2. Even more confusing is he just shove. Maybe he think he got a monster hand that can check on that board...i don't know. Ofcause i could have follow the basic strategy and 3bet call his 4bet shove or commit my stack on the flop with top top.
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    His checkraise was a bad play because it drives away all one-pair hands and keeps in all the flopped straights and two pairs. Your fold was a good play because he should have a pair and a draw at absolute worst here. Hard to say why he did what he did (I imagine he thought top/top was the nuts). I'd say that given how bad the board was for you, the c-bet might have been a bad idea. Against certain groups of three players, this is almost a spot where I'd check/fold because your reverse implied odds are massive, and if you put in one bet, it's hard to not put in more. That's an interestng discussion topic, imo.


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      I think your line pre was good although we could easily 3 bet him and fold to a 4 bet pre. I mean you put 200 chips in on the flop and folded right! Now since we got to the flop and he showed a strong move for a $.25 player by check raising this is usually not air so he has 2 pr or a set and or a straight with AJ. The board still allows up to get away but I would not make it 200. You can bet less like 150 and fold when he jams. Keep in mind when he jams on you he has just wet his pants thinking you are calling so why waste 50 extra chips by making it 200 If we are folding anyway.

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        I think there are multiple ways to go about this one.

        Calling their raise pre is fine, so is 3-betting it. You have a very good hand, but not a made hand, so both could really be correct.

        On the flop, I actually like the bet amount. You've got top pair, top kicker on a very scary board, as multiple of the opps could already have a straight or 2 pair. When the opp check/shoves after a call of your bet, I like the fold.

        I would definitely make a note on the opp though, that they'll shove light to a scary board.

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          I think you played the hand quite well.

          Pre flop, there is nothing wrong with flatting a UTG raise with AK.

          Yes, you might have 3Bet by making it around 250 to 300 to go, but if you do you are putting a mess of your chips in to be folding. Your stack is a bit too deep to want to commit to what might be a race as well, so I really do prefer the flat to a 3bet pre.

          On the flop, when the UTG checks to you, top/top with a gt shot draw to the broadway straight is certainly enough to bet on. I like your half pot sizing too, as it keeps you from really getting stuck here with a 1 pair hand. Truth be known, versus an EP raiser this is the sort of board that is right in his likely playing zone. As such, you really do not necessarily love going to war for stacks with ANY 1 pair hand here.

          After 1 other caller, the UTG raiser C/R launches all in. I agree that this is almost never a bluff, and with all other factors weighed in, this is probably at least a set. It COULD be the same hand as yours, that is relying on the draw outs to save him is his top/top hand is behind, but I truly doubt that; this smells like a big hand.

          You fold, and save 1170, at the 15/30 blind level.

          39BB is plenty to recover on, and if you had called and found yourself vs a set of Ks, a Straight, or even AA, that would not have been the case.

          So it looks to me like you did everything spot on here, and the risk of you being beaten was jsut too great to take on this depth of money.

          Nice hand.

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            I think 3betting preflop is a bad idea for two reasons:

            1) Already mentioned, if you are 4bet, you need to fold, and

            2) By flatting with AK, you're inducing a 3bet that you can 4bet shove overtop of.

            I get that top/top with a draw is an okay hand to have here, but you're not value betting when you bet the flop. You're bluffing, and I think that with four people in the pot, there's not much point. If anyone so much as calls, you have to fold to a turn barrel and you can't barrel yourself.



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