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3.3R 180man sng- i know this is basic

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  • 3.3R 180man sng- i know this is basic

    yes this hand is nothing special, I know this is basic but still I just want to know your insights I'm starting back to basics because
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    PRE- i raise 3+1BB standard Flop- didn't hit anything the limper check it to me, did I make the correct CB or I should have check here I don't have any info against the player. Early stages of the tournament Turn- still didn't hit so I can't double barrel anymore River- villain bets AI, what to do? now, my next question is I should get HUD because if it is in early stages in the tournament I don't know what to do vs villain that I don't have any information about so I need to choose the safe side.

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    Looks very ABC.

    Just fold the river unless you have a read. What is villain check/calling your flop bet with? All you can really beat are 67, 68, and 78. Fold having invested only 440 chips (5 BBs).
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        If you c-bet dry board after raising pref like that, any player with half-a-brain will float you because you got nothing. On dy boards like that you move your c-bet to the turn.


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          Need to play any 2 BUSTO


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            the AQ hand, I thought you played very well. You raised preflop and c-bet a flop, then checked for pot control on the turn. When the opp bets the river here, they have some sort of small pocket pair or hit a part of the board. Either way you're beat on the river, so you need to fold.

            JJ hand: you have 20BB and will be risking either 1/2 or 3/4 of your stack, depending on whether or not the 3rd player comes along. Did you have any reads on the SB? Did they shove many times from the SB? I looked this player up on OPR and they have a ranking of 99.70% (8k profit in 18k+ games... in less than a year?!). This player is EXTREMELY GOOD.
            To that type of an opponent and possilby a 3-way pot, JJ is way too much of a risk in my eyes. Yes you need to win races, but this is not the spot to get into one.

            93 off: instant muck preflop. You have 5 hands before you get the BB and there HAS to be a better hand in those to shove than 9 3 off. Find a pair, ace, broadway cards, suited, straight possibility.. something! 3 9 off is NOT the one you want to shove.

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              Hey Marvin could you limit it to one hand per thread please?

              JJ looks like a DUH call here and 93o is a fold from the HJ on 6.5 BBs.
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