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only way?

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  • only way?

    opinion please
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    What are you asking for? I'm confused! Is there another way to play 3.5 effective big blinds? ( ante's have kicked in which means when you take them into account .................. you get the rest )
    If you are considering any other move to get cute then put it out of your head! Do you want to flat and fold when a K or A hits the flop? Don't laugh I have seen it done often enough.
    My question is why are you blinded down to 3.5 bb's! I am hoping it is becasue you just had your KK or AA smashed the hand b4!
    Moose I am trying to rip you a new one here but using this to reach out to people. Folks we have to stop blinding down to no fold equity! You hear it from all the pro's, you hear it from all the semi pro's, you even hear it from the and as you read it and hear it and so on you shake your head and say yes of course it is so true I have to get it in when i have fold equity. But when it comes to that spot where you have maybe AJ folded to you and 12 bb's you open and fold to a 3 bet! ( just a random example ) THIS IS SPEW!
    You have watched the videos now start beleiving it becasue it will make your bankroll grow!

    Gidee Up!
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      i got there with just trash for 20 odd hands .best being 56o and 7 9 o both of which would have been dead on the flop . i do try not to get blinded down(except in pso cause it works for points) but i do need something to work with.
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        In this situation, QQ will play much better against one opp, instead of two. If you limp and keep the other opp possibly in, that's just one more person that can be drawing to an A or K on the board. You made the correct play here by shoving and I'll do the same thing in your situation 100% of the time.umbup:

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          Gotta jam pre so you don't let them get away if they miss the flop. They're going to call you with a whole bunch of pairs if you shove pre, but they might not call with say 88 on AKQ and you lose value in those spots.
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