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    I'll post two hands, please forgive me First is from PSO league, I can't call this bad luck, his raise felt strong, but, anyway, I called ...
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    I started laughing Second one is from Facebook freeroll, a hand that played itself umbup:
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

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    In the first hand, if you think that others will call the opening raise by UTG, then it's ok to see a flop, but the more that are in, the better off you'll be trying to setmine.

    On the flop, while you did flop bottom full house, there are a number of hands that can be drawing at you (Kx or any pkt pair over 9's). Due to this along with more than one opp in the hand that could be drawing at me, I'd want to make a value bet here. I wouldn't want either opp to be peeling a free card that could possibly beat me. Since you've only got 370 chips more than a pot-sized value bet... shoving is perfectly fine too.

    When the opp shoved the turn, the hand that I first thought of was KJs, not JJ, but after thinking about it, JJ makes more sense. JJ would raise from UTG, then seeing a scary flop, would check and get a free card, then hit a full house and shove the turn.

    In the second hand, it's good that you got to see the flop for free from the BB and you flop top 2 pair.
    You really need to value bet the flop. Checking is not good, due to letting any of the other three opps draw at the flush for free. If they have 2 clubs, you need to make them pay to see any of the other cards, that can complete their flush.

    The value bet on the turn is fine and I'd have made a second value bet here, for the same reasoning as the flop, plus the board picks up a possible straight.

    The river pot card here is a jackpot! It's the only card in the deck that gives you a full house and completes the flush. You got lucky here again, because you need to value bet it. If the opp has a flush, they're going to shove your value bet. You need to make a value bet here of whatever you think the opp will call or a value that they will raise, by shoving, if they have a flush.
    By not betting first, while it worked here, it'll cost you value in the long run.

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