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how else could i have played this...

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  • how else could i have played this...

    hey guys, was wondering if i could've seen this coming? and how differently you would've played it. i have a pretty tight image at the table not playing many hands and just getting lucky with the ones i have, villian has a pretty similar image so was putting him on Kx.. "]

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    You should raise bigger preflop for value. You'll also be out of position so you want to raise bigger to negate that disadvantage. With that guy having a SPR of about 1, you really can't go anywhere with your AA. Just unlucky.
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      preflop: you already have someone making a std raise and another that called the standard raise.
      You want to be playing this for a big pot (you have the best starting hand there is), but the less opps that are in the pot, the better your chance to win the pot will be.
      Due to this, I'd want to 3-bet more than just to double the previous total (I'd have raised to at least 1100, if not even to 1500 or 2000). Three people called your 3-bet amount and by being in a 4-way pot, this will decrease your chance to win the pot.
      ex: let's assume that all your opponents will be playing top 15% hands (probably won't be the case, but let's use this). If you're up against only 1 opponent, you will win 84% of the time... but... if you're up against 3 other opponents, then your win % goes down to 66%.

      on the flop, you make a 50% of the pot value bet. You definitely need to value bet with an overpair to a rainbow board, if nothing else, to try and get some of the opps to drop and have less of them drawing at you. When the opp raises you with only 150 chips left, that would make me suspicious that they hit a set, but I'd raise and make them put thier chips in right then, instead of waiting for the turn, becuase with an overpair to the board, there are too many chips in the pot not to get the rest of the opps chips in.

      I don't know how the opp was playing smaller pairs, but if you re-raise more preflop, you can get some of the opps out, then the small pair may drop too. Although, if the other two opps were playing as calling stations and would call any raise you made, that tempts a small pair more to stay in the pot, as the more people that are in the pot, the better odds they get to setmine.
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        Thanks for the advice...



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