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what to do? 4.4 180 man sng

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  • what to do? 4.4 180 man sng

    22 players left 18 in the money goal to win it all no read about villain because I just got transfer. best play? FOLD CALL SHOVE
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    Marvin you have just been transferred to a table and this player is 3 betting you close to the bubble. Since we don't have much to go by and we don't have a made hand we can look at a couple of things. First our goal can only be to win the tourney once we are ITM. Since we do not have a made hand and he has committed 1/3 of his stack, it is usually a good indication that he is not going anywhere.
    So lets look at our options.
    Fold - we can here and still have plenty of chips to double through on.
    Call - what is our move post ? Can we flat and specualte on a potential flop that hits us but tells us nothing of where we stand?
    Raise - there is nothing we can raise that doesn't commit our stack so if we are raising we are jamming.

    In summary with no read and we want to win a tourney we are not in the money yet I think our optimal play is to fold.

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      Rule # 1 on tournies.... you can't win if you don't first get ITM.

      In this case, you need to get ITM before you start trying to accumulate chips for a final table and top 3 run.

      Without a read on the opp (saying that the opp is really loose and will 3-bet from the blinds often), I'm mucking this hand here every time. There is a chance you could be ahead, but there is a better chance that the opp has a hand and you're behind and if you play the hand, you're basically going to have to be all-in.

      Due to that, I'm mucking the AQ and finding a better spot to get my chips into (where I know I'm ahead before I'm ITM, or where I have a playable hand after getting ITM).

      In any tourney, there are times to take chances and times not to... and without a read on the opp, I'm not taking the chance of being behind or dominated here.

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        Okay, so you say you have no reads. Is there anything that would tell you he's 3-betting light or super strong here? Note that you are raising from a steal position, so you may get played back at lighter. Also, what country is the BB from? Is he a winning player? I know it's not totally accurate, but you can make some reasonable assumptions based on these answers even if you haven't seen him play.

        Turns out this guy is a VERY good player. Now, assume he has no read on you yet either, though he probably assumes you'll be somewhat wide raising in late position. What range do you think he's willing to 3-bet 1/3 of his stack with against an unknown? If the stacks were a lot deeper he might make this 3-bet pretty wide and have a 3-bet/fold range, and if he just jammed here I would SNAP CALL since he should be jamming pretty wide over our steal position raise. But when he puts that much of his stack into the middle here, he can't possibly be considering folding. How does your AQ look against his range now?

        All things considered I think you have to fold here. Yeah, AQ is a nice hand, but you don't want to take it against this guy's range. Just fold and wait for a better spot. I just don't think a very strong winning player will be putting that much of his stack in here without having you in bad shape.
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          I made the wrong jam I'm so stupid to make the call. Now I know I need a lot to learn to improve my game. How can I jam this kind of hand in this situation? How can I expect to make it deep in Sunday Ten Million with a play like this? lessons learned in this situation before the break I just told myself I was just one all in away from a final table but be careful not to put it in bad shape. and this is the one I'm talking about putting all of my chips in deep (S***) I forgot to ask myself what is his hand? I'm so focused, wow I got AQo in the CO I'm so ahead. he 3bets no brainer it's easy 4bet Jam I'm ahead he will surely fold. then I was so shocked to see the ROCKETS. oh no, I'm so stupid. I didn't listen to what he was saying, ok fine you raise me I have a better hand i'll just 3bet you to get value. I will not shove cause you might fold. i will not call because I don't want to to lose value to my rockets. I'm so in love with my AQo I didn't pay attention to what was happening to me. I learned the lesson the hard way. Not only I've been playing good until this one single hand. I'm also sure of getting into the money if I just fold all my hands and wait till the money. I should have got my buy in back but because I'm such a fish I throw my chips away which I earned the hard way but just give it so easily. he's not even outplaying me in this one because he have no reason to do it. my table image is tight I'm not raising much. and he's just transferred from another table. so this is a gimme, i should have pay attention to what was happening before me. he's telling me i got a big hand you should pay more to see the flop. or if your a fish jam over me. I'm such a fish Learned the lesson the hard way. It's just like David Ortiz and Floyd Mayweather when David put his hands down then Kaboom Mayweather gave him a jab then a right hook for the Knockout. Same thing happened to me. I just did not take care of my chips then kaboom I'm knock out. So if your reading this your lucky enough not to go through this same mistake that I did.
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