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Quads...but well played?

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  • Quads...but well played?

    well this was a great hand in the end but i would like to hear what would you do in that situation

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    preflop, you've got a small pair with a number of limpers. You could raise here, but limping is perfectly fine too (I'd probably limp it too, as it helps to conceal the strength of you hand if you flop a set). When the SB raises you, I'm absolutely calling it.

    On the flop, the initial raiser leads out for a min bet and everyone else just calls. The board has both a possible straight, along with a flush and many straight draws. Raising here is absolutely the correct thing to do and since your stack is basically even with the pot size, you made the correct move in shoving.
    You need to bet enough that it costs the opps too much to draw at you, because the ones limping all the way are most likely on some sort of draw.

    Being called by the SB that originally min-raised pre and min bet the flop doesn't surprise me (if anyone would call, I would guess it would be that opp).

    You played the hand very well, however, the player with KK really played it pretty bad. They should have made a MUCH larger raise preflop due to all the limpers, then they should have made a value bet on the flop... which means that they would have shoved and put the pressure on you to call (which I would with a set).

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      You have not 'played' quads here, as you are all in with a set versus a monster pair. So when your set improves to full house then quads you are not taking action and you don't need to worry about how great your hand became. It would be a very nice sequence of cards if you were deep stacked and were active on each street.

      So essentially you play preflop and on the flop very well, due to the 5 way pot, I like the limp and the call to the min raise that is called by all players around to you.

      When you flop the set it plays itself. You want to bet enough to take down the pot, which is going to commit so much at 50%/75% of the pot anyway you have to get it all in. You should only get called by hands like your opp has, a big overpair, or by two pairs or strong draws, all of which you are way ahead of, or a straight which you are behind on the flop but which is unlilkey.

      Nice play. The opp played his KK badly - min raising was obviously not going to thin this field. If he had raised 6xBB would you or any other players have stayed in?

      Good luck

      Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
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