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How to play the Meat Hooks?

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  • How to play the Meat Hooks?

    well I let you this one to review...I think the worse part is that i risked a lot better position in the tourney for this hand... this happened on the last qualifier for the premier... I was around the best 30 and finally came out in 53rd for this hand. let me know what you think

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    that's a tough spot. You've got position with JJ, but have a raise to 4X from mid position.
    Do you have ANY read at all on the opp from mid position? Were they raising a bunch of hands? Were they playing very tight? Were they playing most hands?

    Answering those would determine what I'm going to do here, as I'm either going to shove or fold with this chip stack. If the opp was playing extremely tight, then I'm mucking as the initial raiser probably has QQ+. If the opp wasn't playing that way, then instead of calling their raise and inviting the others in the blind to play the hand too, I'm shoving first.

    By shoving first, that does two things.
    1) it puts pressure on either of the blinds, pricing them out of playing marginal hands
    2) it does not let the original raiser see the flop without risking more. You don't want to let them draw to 2 over cards and hit one without making them risk the maximum amount of chips.

    Unfortunately, the BB woke up with a monster hand, QQ, that would have called your shove (the original raiser may have called it preflop too)... but if you can isolate one opponent, JJ will play much better in the hand.

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      With your stack size you should either be 3 betting all in or folding.

      You have JJ pre and only 20bb. Just stick it in!

      From some of the hands that you've posted I'd suggest you look at some literature on stack sizes. It's one of the most fundamental and important parts of tournament poker and you really need to get a grasp of it if you want to become a successful tournament player.



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        2 9 6 Q 7

        two spades on board
        you had a chance to see a free turn
        you had a back door flush but no straight draw
        your flush had it hit would be 4th best
        if you needed the flush to win you had 25% chance to win at best
        thats before the turn
        if you had seen turn for free the QQ would never had checked the turn
        he would be too desperate to get value



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