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OK raise on the Bubble?

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  • OK raise on the Bubble?

    hi guys i made this raise because this was a fifty50 tourney and we were already on the bubble so i thought it was the right move...what do you think

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    It's a loose bet, but some tables will let you get away with it. This one depends on your reads of the table. The all-in call is good, though.


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      Hey D H Q Took the liberty of looking you up on a 3rd party tracking site just to see what level of these you're playing as it's pertinent to my response here. In the micro level 50/50's I think this is almost always a winning play by you here and for a couple of reasons. 1. It's the bubble and the rule of first aggressor is even more relevant at the bubble in these 50/50 structures,ESPECIALLY at the micro levels because the players will tend to be so weak. 2. The stack sizes and where they are in relation to you are PERFECT for you to be trying to steal as many blinds as possible. Who's right behind you? The short stack. He's ONLY shipping against you here and it will be a very wide range as well most times. If you double him up you still have the biggest stack on the table and will be up against 5 stacks of relatively the same size who most of the time in these will be nitting it up in extreme bubble watching mode. Most players in these I found tend to play very passively at the bubble if they are one of the smaller stacks that is still inside the cut line as they're just waiting for someone else to bust. The other three players to follow are already on stacks that will be playing into that scenario. If the shirt stack hadn't shipped on you here my guess is you're likely to see three folds from the other player. If one does play it will probably be a ship and you can easily get away from the hand at that point. 3. The goal here is two-fold: Make it to ITM and make it with the MOST CHIPS POSSIBLE. In the spot you are here...chip leader,smallest stack acting right behind you,4 relatively equal stacks vying for should be attacking this table without mercy until they show enough resolve to fight back. Given the parameters of this style of tourney and the actual situation of this particular game I think you played this hand very well,from the per-flop 3x bet to calling the small stack ship. Always keep in mind the practical applications and realities of the structure and objectives within that structure of anything that you are playing. One of the really great things about Pokerstars is that they offer such an enormous variety of games. Being able to find as close as optimal a playing style as to fit within the different structures of these games is a challenge but it can be very profitable if accomplished. While your play here would maybe not be a very good one in an MTT ,or multi-table SNG,or on a ring table,within the structure of the 50/50's I think it's a very good play by you. Just know where your fold button is if one of the 2K + stacks plays back at you. Congrats on the win. umbup:
      Last edited by Moxie Pip; Mon Dec 12, 2011, 11:45 AM.


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        well Moxie what can I say man...I'm sincerely grateful for all your contribution to my game

        no problem on looking for my info, it was completely pertinent, Ive just started on stars but I hope I take them stats High as hell and can come out of the micro waters soon.

        I would love to know more about analizing prize structures and mixing styles of play...any recommendations will be greatly appreciated


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          In a 50/50 on the bubble, the largest stack has a very unique sort of power. That power lies in the fact that he can bust ANYONE, but cannot go bust himself. In order to derive benefit from this, you need to use that power though...

          In a normal SNG/MTT, one where you will play on with the top spots getting far more of the prize pool, your raise here wit A8, hen your call of a short stack, is a little loose. For a 50/50 though, it is perfect BECAUSE of your big stack power...

          A 50/50 is an event where everyone gets the same pay out upon reaching 5 players.
          That pay out is then adjusted by stack sizes.

          All the 2k type stacks will be in pretty much lock down mode more often than not here, because they know they can get ITM without playing any more hands. That gives you carte blanche to steal thier blinds.

          The thing you need to be aware of is that small stack to your immediate table left, acting after you on most hands. The ONLY thing which should hamper your steal activities are your card value, as you are quite likely to be facing an all in stand by him.

          A8o though is a fine hand to risk a knock out of him on, although it will tend to represent a hand toward the low end of aces you'd really want to be raising here.

          Any pp is fine to raise on, as would be any KQ, and any suited KJ.

          In this spot, I am probably raising around a 33% range, and that includes os Aces down to A5, and all suited Aces, so your raise with A8o is fine.

          Good job!

          Hope it helps.

          Double Bracelet Winner


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            as the big stack there, it gives you a much wider range that you can play. Ax at this stage from your position is fine, unless you have a read on the opps in the blinds that would be against it.

            I like the raise and when the short stack shoves, you absolutely must call. If either of the blinds shoves over you, I think you need to muck (you want to preserve your chip position in the top group)... but the short stack with an A after you open raise, I'm calling 100% of the time, as even if you lose, you've still got the largest stack at the table.

            6 Time Bracelet Winner



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