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Should I have folded this ?

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  • Should I have folded this ?

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    Preflop - if your gonna play this hand then I think a raise to isolate the limper is best. Your ahead of villains limping range, you take the initiative and can take the pot down with a cbet when you miss.

    Flop - I'm not sure what you were doing when you minraised. Are you raising as a semi bluff or for value? A minraise won't fold out better hands and you can't be sure you have the best one.

    Turn - Check behind is fine

    River - You played looking to hit the flush. You hit it. Folding would be terrible. If you were worried about the straight flush then why did you ship the river?

    When you raise or bet always ask yourself whether your betting for value or as a bluff. It really does help to plan your actions on later streets. Do it every time. You'll be forced to think about villains range and eventually you'll make better decisions.



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      This early, I'm going to fold preflop, especially if it's a league game.

      If I did play it, I'd make a std raise, since I'm in position. Although, this early in a tourney the opps are probably going to call anyway.

      On the flop, while you do have a flush and straight draw, you don't have a made hand. Due to that, I don't like the min raise. Either call the 40 or raise it to at least 120.

      Turn: the board gets a blank, so if you raised the flop, you need to follow up with a value bet on the turn (you've still got the same outs). If you call the 40 on the flop, then the check behind is fine.

      River: there's only1 card in the deck that beats you. I'll take my chances every time with that. I'd have made a pot sized raise, then called their shove.

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        If you are EVER going to fold an A hi flush, this is the spot.

        The fact there was the 9 T and J of clubs there, plus the Kc, means that the only person who is likely to be on a WORSE hand that you is jamming into you with just a 8c. Do you really think someone is likely to jam into you on an 8 hi flush?

        Answer: only if that person is aware enough to notice that the 8c is the practical 3rd nut...

        Truth be known, there were threats here to your A hi flush. Not only the naked Qc, but also the 78c has you beaten. As such, you really need to exercise some caution here.

        Your raise over the 40 chip river lead is too big.You make it 480 to go.

        That is the type of raise that is very value owning for you, as it causes someone with worse to fold, or someone with better to call or jam.

        The pot was 400 at the time you raised to make it 480 to go. I'd be a LOT more prone to making it around 240 or so to go. This size bet is one which may well get called by a lesser hand,but not stick you as hard as your 480 bet stuck you.

        When the BB launches over you for what is essentially his whole stack on a C/R, that is rarely a bluff...that means a Qc or a 78c more often than not.

        But since you'd made it 480, and left yourself only about 700, you are quite stuck in calling off your MTT life with the Ac flush.

        If you'd made it less, you might have found a fold here.
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          Thanks for the comments, the only thing I forgot to mention was that it was a rebuy tournament so, although costly, I was still able to carry on, in fact I ended up getting a ticket to the $11 Sunday Storm.

          If I'm honest flushes and straights always give me problems, I quite often don't spot them when playing, anybody got any advice for this ?


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            Pokerstars Lobby

            ->Options Dropdown

            ->->Table Display Options

            ->->->4 Color Deck

            Practice slowing down and reading the board. I'm not sure there's a way you'll instantly start observing these things, but you should pick it up eventually.



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