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is this a good fold? big $11

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  • is this a good fold? big $11

    i think i hate AJ always gettng me into trouble. you think this time i made a right play. well i did this to stay out of trouble. because of 5 players entered into the pot. one of them can easily have a set or better kicker than mine or 2 pair. lots of possibilities. i can't call a bet then folding the next card whih is very bad i think in this situation it's a shove or fold and I chose the safest route. Which I learned from this forum what do you think?
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    if this was yesterday i might consider shoving. which is wrong i think?
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    playing tight early? big 11 folded my 2 pair because the limper is a always limping with suited or connector cards and he bets most of his chips right play or i'm missing chips that I should have won?
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      Just lol @ that AJ fold. If you learned on this forum that it's either fold/shove when its 350 to you and you got 3,6k left in stack, then you are talking about a whole different forum (i hope so).


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        Yes, this is too tight.

        You entered the pot with AJ in early position, and about the best you can hope for with that hand is to spike 1 pair. That is what you had on the flop.

        You really need to make a C-Bet here, if only to charge people on club draws or straight draws to keep going.

        By failing to do that, you allowed the SB player to lead out small on the turn and put you in a tricky spot in terms of 3Betting or folding.

        The 2 LOOKS like a blank, but without info on the opponent who led the turn, it is very hard to say if this was a blank or not, or if he decided to risk slow playing a set or 2 pair.

        As played, your fold is a bit tight as you could at least beat a lot of hands that might bluff or semi bluff here, but if you are facing a tight opponent who led out, you could be in seriously trouble.

        So I would have favored a C-Bet on this flop of around 2/3rds pot, and from that point I can use the info I'd get to make a turn decision a little clearer.

        Hope it helps.


        P.S. Yes, a shove in this spot would be wrong. That shove would value own you, as it would tend to only get called by better and fold out worse. A FLAT of the SB's bet is fine, as that will at least give you a chance to see what he will do on the river, but a C-Bet on the flop would be even better still.
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          AJ hand: You flopped top pair and need to make a c-bet on the flop. You may have been ahead and may have been behind, but without making a value bet on the flop, you won't have any idea where you are in the hand.

          A6 hand: you raised preflop, which is fine (raise or call is fine here with a suited A and bad kicker).
          You hit mid pair on the flop and didn't follow up your preflop raise with a c-bet again. You need to make a value bet on the flop.
          On the turn, they bet less than 1/2 pot... with 2 pair, I'm raising them. I'd have raised to about 600 (value raise that if they re-raise, then you can muck the hand as the opp will normally have the flush).
          The 5 on the river doesn't help much (23 or 67 or 37 make a straight)... but those really don't make sense with the way the hand played out. I'm calling their river bet every time here. They could have a flush or a set, but most likely have an A, and you beat a pair.

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            OMG i keep on making wrong decisions if i fold, i need to cbet damn it good thing i have all of you guys learned a lot from this 2 hands thank you guys cbet cbet that's what i need to do follow up on something and get information--correct get information first postflop then take it from there YES GOT IT--love this forum i will definitely ship this one day SUNDAY STORM COMING UP need to perform better thereumbup: once again, kudos to all of you guys congratulations, your doing a great job i just keep on learning everyday and that's good for me



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