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A6o Big Blind

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  • A6o Big Blind

    A6o Big Blind, nobody raises so I check. Flop TPTK but its only 6 so could easily be outdrawn, and the river card could have completed a straight. Could I have played this different/better?

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    It's fine to see the flop for free from the big blind.

    When you flop TPTK, you need to make a value bet. You get value from anyone with 2 overs that wants to peel a card and also from anyone with a straight draw. With limpers into the pot pre, someone could easily have Ax and be drawing to a straight and you need to make them pay to do so.

    If you value bet the flop, then checking the turn when the K hits is fine. Someone could be calling with 2 overs and hit, so you don't want to bet into a better hand.

    With everyone checking the turn, the 9 doesn't change much (unless the opp had 9x or 78) and if you'd have made a value bet on the flop, 9x should have dropped unless they had 99... but if they had 99, then they should have value bet the flop. If it were me and I did value bet the flop, then check the turn, I'm making a small value bet again on the river.

    If someone makes a value bet on the turn, when the K hits, or raises you on the river, then you're probably beat.

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      This may sound weak but...
      Betting the flop will make the pot pretty big if you get called. If you bet 200 and get called once you're now looking at a 700 chip pot with about 1000 behind. You are going to have to make a decision on the turn about whether to get it in with a pair of sixes. I think I'd rather try to just get to showdown as cheap as possible. Just about every turn card is bad but you don't really want to bloat the pot. Really don't want to put that much of my stack in and then have to fold on most turn cards. The backdoor flush draw is nice, but this is probably not the best spot for us to play for stacks.
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