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Card Dead vs Maniac

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  • Card Dead vs Maniac

    Lots of PSOers have problems vs MANIACS, don't we all. This is made even worse when you are ‘card dead’. I call this session ‘Let’s play chicken!’. Except for the first and last hand of this HU final stage of a SNG, I was card dead. Throughout the entire SNG session (which only lasted 68 hands – usually it takes 100 + hands), 'mostly' his small bets indicated true weakness. He did however use this method to trap on one occasion. By HU play I had seen only 51 hands, but it was enough to tell he was a 'maniac'. Villain's stats: VPIP 55, PFR 14, Agg Factor 9, Agg % 60, Donk 60%. However, he never '3 bet', perhaps he was a cautious maniac and pounced on weakness. My plan going in to HU play: If I had a decent chip stack, I would play a bit cautious, figuring he will give me an opportunity to stack him (or double up) with another hand. I decided I was going to let him do the betting for me. My thoughts during my 'card dead' phase: I doubled-up the first hand, but then I was inundated by a series of aggressive bets while I was card dead. I had to use my only ‘read’ to stop from getting chipped away. Maybe I can use a rivered 'scare' card to take down a pot or two. The following are the 17 hands we played.
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    Stats before HU don't cont toward HU. I have about 90% VPIP HU if not more, and this means a good player, not maniac.

    In this hand you got a very strong hand pre, so raise him to 600.

    As played c/c OTF is fine, doesn't really mean that we got the A as we may very well be calling with K-high.

    Now OTT, Kc falls, you check and he goes all-in. I don't know how he was playing post flop (no reads provided there). If we fold, we got playable stack so it's an option and without reads i think that this is our choice as I can't figure out why on earth he bets here so much. Did he fill his TK? Did he fill his pocker KK? I discard AK/AT as we block one A and other fell OTF. Maybe he filled his QJ? Many possibilities and not many of those we beat.
    As said, I would fold it and outplay him with my remainin stack in other hand, but if you can't do it - stack here. You are most likely looking at a split at best, but there is that 1,4k inside already.

    And this forum got 1 hand per topic rule (which I brought here to be exact :P) and it's a good one so i stop right there. If you are looking for someone to analyze your whole sessions, I suggest getting a coach.
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      in HU play, you want to lose the small pots and win the big ones.

      Hand 10: you flatted on the button with an A... gotta raise that one preflop. Especially on the button, if you're going to be in the hand, raise.

      Hand 12: KJ on button... once again, gotta raise that pre.

      Hand 15: ok to check OOP from BB, but when the opp checks flop and turn, you need to put some sort of bet in on the river (I think it'd be even better to make a token value bet on the turn, instead of saving for the river).

      The thing that I see over and over (at least you're consistant with it) is that you keep flatting from the button. That's a big leak in HU. Raise it or get out of the hand.

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        Flatting the BTN

        Originally posted by JWK24 View Post
        in HU play, you want to lose the small pots and win the big ones.

        The thing that I see over and over (at least you're consistant with it) is that you keep flatting from the button. That's a big leak in HU. Raise it or get out of the hand.
        I know I need to study the game a bit more, tweaking my play along the way. I will definitely use your tips. Thanks for the review!

        Here's what I was thinking:
        I am normally more aggressive in the 'Button', but not against blind 'maniacs'. The way this guy played, stacks could get in by the river. I felt I needed to conserve as many BB's as possible, so that I could see more hands. Guys like this will lose their stack to you if you play passive, (rope-a-dope) with a strong hand. Also, I didn't want to give him any betting 'tells'.

        I found he was calling all my Dealer/BTN raises. I decided to fold my terrible holdings and just call the rest, he rarely if ever 3 bet. My object was to keep the pot small, being that I probably wasn’t going to play the majority of the flops, due to his aggression.
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