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To Push or wait.

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  • To Push or wait.

    Ok so this was sooo bad that PT3 did not pick up the last hand for me.

    but i will try and outline the set up.

    45 man Dollar game. 13 players left I'm in 3rd place with 5900 chips (or soo.)

    Villian sits in first with 17000 chips

    Grade b holds QQ

    Blinds are 75 and 150

    I am in cut off.

    8 players on table

    Villain 3 off the BB.

    He was raising a lot pre and forcing people out of hands (it seemed like ) he just won a pot shoving 88

    Villain flats

    Player on my right raises to 400

    I raise to 1200

    Villain raises to 6500 (effective all in to everyone on table)

    i call

    He shows AKo

    Hits i'm out

    in 13th

    At the time a auto snapped called now i'm thinking the one guy i don't want to play for stacks with is the chip leader.

    anyway thoughts ?

    Grade b
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    If he was bullying a LOT, the QQ was the hand you were waiting for, the one to give you a likely chance at being around a 70% favorite over his range.

    There is no way to avoid a big chp confrontation with someone who will bet like this person did with great frequency. With no hope of seeing a reasonable size pot pre flop, and absolutely no hope of exercising any sort of pot control after the flop, all you can do is pray for a hand that is strong enough to stack him. As your stack gets shorter in relation to the blind,s the quality of the hand needed to bang heads with him has to go down.

    While your stack size is a bit large to want to play for stacks in that spot normally, versus a maniac read it is exactly what you want to be doing. There is no way really to avoid a large pot confrontation with him anyway, so at least you had a hand that was worthy of playing for stacks.

    Unfortunately, it was just his time to wake up with the 1 hand that is a race hand to your big pp, and he won that race.

    Bad luck, but it happens.

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      If the opp was playing and raising many hands, just bullying the table, that's exactly the type I want to be up against, because I'm most likely ahead and the favorite to double up.

      Unfortunatlely, you got unlucky.

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