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Royal Flushes

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  • Royal Flushes

    Over the years I have had a number of Royal Flush hands, some I won big with and others only the equivalent of the Blinds. I have also been dealt hands that would have gone on to become Royal Flushes had I not folded pre flop. This last, happened to me last year in one tournament, THREE times. (This was on another site that is being investigated and has just changed ownership.) The first of these hands, I was dealt KT suited in the UTG position. I folded this hand because I had been berated earlier that day by a much respected player for playing KT utg, I rivered a King beating his pocket queens which didn't improve. The other two were a few hands later, first in BB I had KJ suited but someone had pushed all in from utg+1 (and he had me well covered) plus one caller who was also covered. Second in SB ( the very next hand) I was dealt QT. The original raiser from the previous hand (who had pocket Aces and rivered a set of Aces to win) pushed all in again, I folded and BB called for all his chips. The original raiser showed pocket fives and BB had pocket sevens. The board was..... Ac Kc Td Qh Jc.. They chopped but I would have had a Royal for the third time in the same tourney. So now, because of that, I find it very, very difficult to lay down suited connected broadway cards. ( example below ) I like to see them cheap, if possible, but even when facing a large raise, I have trouble laying them down, just in case a get a Royal Flush again. The majority of the time I don't get the Royal, but I still can't seem to let them go. Does anyone else have this problem ?
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    limping in position since it's early is ok. You can raise here, but you could also limp. If it's me, this hand's on the border as to which I'd do..... would have to go with my gut on this one if no notes nor reads on opps.

    On the flop, the SB leads out for 1/2 pot which looks like a value bet with a weak A (could also be a weak K and you hope it's not AK). I like the call here because you have a poweful draw, but most likely, you're behind at the time.

    On the turn.. big overbet by the SB. That raises a big red flag to me. Either the opp is on total air (even turning A rag into a bluff) or they've got a really big hand. I almost discount AK here, as they should be value betting and keeping you in with AK or AA. K5 is possible, Ax is possible, air is possible. If I didn't have a read on the opp that says that they're capable of pulling a bluff with two others in the hand, I'm mucking it right now. If they have a full house, then you have ONE out. If they have an A, then you have 4 outs. If they have Kx but not full house, you have 7 outs (the 5 and their other hole card are compromised). Even if they have a pkt pair, you only have 8-14 outs maximum.

    Yes, you got extremely lucky on the river, but the odds say not to call that big overbet on the turn.

    FYI - I used to have that problem too (could never lay down a cat 1 hand nor royal draw). It's something that unfortunately, I've never known anything other than the hard way to learn. You do need to learn to muck them when you know the odds are against you or that you're beat.

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      Sod the odds - if I'm on a royal flush draw I stick with it - gotta have some story to tell the grandkids.

      I pay for it I know - but not often as it is so rare.

      and I'm normally a right tight bustard

      Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
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        Nice royal, and I know how you feel. I got my first with a hand I should have mucked pre, but I was a noob and didn't know any better (Jh4h). Sometimes you just gotta try!! Really nice hand and interesting that your opponent was on such a weird hand. umbup:umbup:umbup:
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          Depending on the stack sizes and table aggression, as well as your postflop skills and opponents' tendencies either limping or raising (or folding) suited broadways is okay. They have so much potential and play so well postflop that you really don't want to get re-raised off them. They even play well in 3-bet pots, but depending on stack sizes a 3-bet may be too much of your stack to want to call just to see a flop. If I limp with a hand like QJs the plan is generally to CALL a preflop raise, provided it's small enough to allow me some postflop playability. I'm not limp/calling an all in for 50 BBs. I'm hoping to limp and face a raise small enough that I can call and see a flop against. In general I do prefer to open raise, but I'd rather play a hand like KJs postflop without the initiative than be 3-bet off it preflop. There's just so much value in it. So many flops you can semi-bluff, etc.
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            nh, I love chasing Royals. and idc if lose chasing them

            and in a spot like this one, I'm inclined to call most of the time, he often shows up with smaller flush draws, just like he turns over with his Q2cc. Considering his holding that overbet makes complete sense.



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