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right to shove?

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  • right to shove?

    hi this is my last hand in the world record MTT. i'm in need of chips and decided my stack dictated shoving over a call/raise. would a call/raise been a better way to go?

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    Nope, your shove is perfect.

    While your hand is strong, it is not bullet proof. It IS un-paired, and that means about 2/3rds of the time you will have nothing on the flop.

    If you flat call or 3bet small here, what do you do if you miss the flop and the Villain leads into you?

    You are far too deeply invested to like a fold, and there might be a strong chance he started with a pp and has you drawing somewhat thin to 6 over cards. It presents you with a sticky decision, right?

    If instead you shove all in over his pre flop raise, you are ensuring that you will get to see all 5 cards (there is not chance you make a mistake fold after missing), and in that case you are racing any pp up to QQ.

    Also, you run zero chance that if you DO hit that the villain can fold a worse hand if you've shoved in pre flop and he called. that makes sure you get maximum alue from your hand if you make the best.

    Hands that you'd normally be ok in raising small, or flatting with on this depth of money, would be the big pp (AA/KK/ maybe QQ). These hands are going to be over pairs to the board so often that you can easily commit to the flop no matter what comes.

    Please note:

    A flat or small raise with AKs here is not bad against very asutute opponents, but against those players you are making this play with the intent to "balance" your range. By this I mean if you jam pre with hands like AK/AQ/AJ here, and flat or raise small with AA/KK/QQ, versus aware oppoennts yo become fa r too read-able. So if you flat, or they call your small raise pre flop, even if your intent was to balance your range to avoid read-ability, you should be as ready to shove all in on ANY flop with AKs as you would be with AA.

    Against most players at the micro stakes level, who generally are less aware, the need to balance your actions to be less read-able is not as important. versus those types, I am probably shoing the big pp pre flop too, rather than try playing tricky, because I can usually rely on their mistakes to pay me off max value.

    Hope it helps.
    Last edited by JDean; Sun Dec 04, 2011, 10:01 PM.
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      thanks JDean


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        I like it too. You've got a premium hand (although not a pair) and you were ahead of your opponent that had 3 outs to draw at you. Unfortunately, they hit one of them.

        You made the correct play, just got unlucky.

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          Perfect value shove. Just unlucky. Well-played.
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