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  • who's trapping who...

    Just got a table change and the AGG that was immediately in front of me is now behind me....(68% vpip and 70% + pre flop raise) this point I have played 2 hands of 46 dealt and as the blinds are up to 50 100. I need to chip up. His range is 23 off thru AA (lol saw both at his show downs and the 23 off was all in UTG +1) so skies the limit (ps This is first time trying to post a hand so.....if it doesn't work .....) Any comments about the play are welcome ! hope this works...cheers r0ck

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    Pre flop:

    27BB is a stack that you really want to be entering for a raise to give you the max chance to represent the widest range possible on continuation.
    Raisng to 3.75BB is a bit high for your stack though, as with a single caller and a standard C-Bet, you are probably looking at around a 10 to 11BB total investment off your stack. That is a bit past a committment point for you, so is quite dice-y with a hand like 99. I think I'd have prefered a smaller pre flop raise, on the order of 2.5BB to go or so, to keep my investment after a C-Bet around 20% to 25% of my stack at max.


    With the A on the flop, I love the fact you passed up a C-Bet with the info you have on the villain. It is way too likely he might try a wild bluff, or he might have called with a rag Ace, to like putting out any sort of c-Bet here then folding. Even if you had elected to raise a smaller amount pre (as I suggest), not C-Betting here into someone who has shown little discipline in terms of ability to fold, is probably not a bad idea. Nice job.



    Now you are on the 2nd nut hand (set of 9's), and you've hit about the best yo could hope for when you entered the pot on 99 UTG. I do not get why you lead for only 100.

    If it was to try inducing a bluff, a lead of like 300 to 400 looks small enough to be just a single pair hit on that turn, and it is likely to get called about as often as the 100 bet you made; only the slightly larger bet puts more value in for you immediately.

    If you were betitng for pure value, then you really should bet 450+ here.

    Obviously, you really should NOT be thinking about folding, but you should be thinking about ways to set yourself up to get the rest of your stack in (if possible).

    A larger bet is needed to do that though.


    The smaller bet on the prior street has now forced your river lead to be aobut 300 to 400 chips smaller than it could have been with a larger turn bet.

    It is a good thing for you that the Villain made some terrible mistakes in this hand, and that he held a strong hand too, or else you would have left a good chunk of chips on the table here, that you may have gotten paid by a rag Ace hand that didnt boat up.
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