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Was this the right play??

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  • Was this the right play??

    Hello guys!
    I was playing a 9 man SnG. Everyone got busted except me and an ultra loose/aggresive opponent who was shove happy. The blinds were 100/200 and the stack sizes were as follows: (Me: aprox 6900; Villian: 5100) I was on the BTN and was dealt 87s. I got to act first so I raised 650 for deceptive purposes. Wasn't really looking to get called but if I did I was hoping to hit the flop strong. I just wanted to steal the blinds uncontested. He had 450 to call, but instead he decided to shove. At this stage, i was pretty tired i must say. I did some workout in the morning and had a busy day. Besides it was late! (yeah, i know... this is not the proper time to play poker since my concentration level is not great). Anyways i said what the heck! I figured my equity was decent against his wide range and even If I lost, i still had some chips to play with... so i did call and he was holding 44. The board came [6 10 K 9 A] giving me a straight. I took down the tournament but I'm thinking was this shove really necessary? since I have fairly good post flop skills i could've taken a safer alternative.

    One last thing, against the same opponent in a similar situation if I were to be dealt pocket 3's+, is a shove a good play when playing HU or just too loose. what about 22? What would be ur shoving range?
    thnx a lot for the help brothers
    Peace out!

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    If it was me in that situation, I'm mucking to their shove. Against a loose aggressive that could be playing ATC, you're an underdog. Against a player that plays less than ATC, you're an even worse underdog.

    It's better to raise/fold and save your chips until you are in a situation that you are ahead, not behind.

    88+, AJ+ is what I'd call a shove with against a loose opponent.. against a tighter opponent, that range is smaller.

    There are live training sessions on Sundays by Andre, HoRRoR77. You should watch some of these. It will help with your heads up play.

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      Raising 87s heads-up isn't exactly deceptive. You have a top 50% hand and should definitely be playing it from the button every time. (unless you are getting all your opens shoved on, in which case limp or play tight.) While true, 87s is not doing terrible against his wide range, it's not doing great either. If you thought he was far more skilled than you then it would be a closer decision, but I would not be calling shoves with 8 high, even suited. I would absolutely 3-bet or 4-bet jam him with it though.

      As for your second question, I am not open shoving, like ever on 25+ BBs. I'm minraising the button and 3-betting the BB, sometimes all in depending on hands, opponent tendencies, etc.
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        thx for the reviews guys.... u probably thought when u read my post.... calling a shove with 8 high lol! this kid must be out of his mind. At the moment I just wanted to get the game over with, i was falling to sleep. I guess that was the last time I'm playing that late at night. Thanx again for the advice! umbup:



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