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$4.40 4max tourney. Was preflop play acceptable?

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  • $4.40 4max tourney. Was preflop play acceptable?

    2nd hand of the tourney and I'm out. Fatal error?

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    You, pre flop was just fine.

    KK is the 2nd nut hand pre flop. It is strong enough to want to play a big pot if you an possibly get it.

    You got the big pot you wanted, so it is all good.

    On the flop though, realistically I'd prefer to lead out strong on an over pair rather than check/call. The fact is your pre flop actions had you pretty stuck here as it was, so are you really going to fold to a jam?

    Make sure you get value into the pot, and make your decision as easy as possible.

    As played, all the money went in with you as a pretty big favorite over not only the all in, but also the live stack shover. Poker does have a luck factor though, and sometimes he is going to spike one of his 6 outs to the OESD (and he only had 4 outs on the turn).

    It happens.

    Well played.
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      I thought that it would be a fold for him if I had tried to bet on the flop, as I min raised him on the preflop so that shouldve given him signs of strength looking back at the hand. Well, I guess thats poker then.

      Thanks for the evaluation btw


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        That is common thinking...trying to induce on a hand like KK.

        The problem with that though is that what will the NEXT CARD bring?

        Is your KK so "bullet proof" you really can afford giving a free card?

        Nope. If he has any pair he might spike a 2nd pair.

        Is the pot SMALL in relation to your start stack here, small enough you really need to use risky deception to build it before lowering the boom?


        The all in player cannot fold, and there is even a side pot that is of enough of a size that it would off-set a lot of the loss you MIGHT see if the all in sucks out lucky on you. If you scoop both pots, you will add a LOT to your 2700 start stack. No sense running the risk of a BIG LOSS by letting that free card come, when the win you;d take is a pretty big one already.

        Are there cards which could come that would make it even LESS LIKELY for the live stacked villain to call a bet?


        If he held a 9, and ANY over card comes to that 9, wouldn't that kill action you might have gotten on the flop from someone who might not believe you hold a Q (or the KK you have)?

        So in large part here, leading out will get called by the live stack, or it won't.
        If he has enough of a hand, he probably calls, and that is GOOD for your KK.
        If he doesn't have enough to call a lead bet, do you really want him getting a free card that could BEAT you, when winning the side pot alone ensures your max chip loss here is 40?

        I'll be honest, even with a hand like top set, a hand much LESS likely to see a drawing hand suck out on a single card, I think in this spot I'd lead if only because of the 2 spades. If he has something he can call a lead with; fine. If not, I'm fine with that too. I'll accept the (likely) 50%+ addition to my stack if I am better than the all in, and will take the side pot to lessen my loss to near insignificance if the all in does suck out.

        I really do not "need" to add risk to my hand by trying too hard to get even more value here.

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