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Sucked out - AGAIN

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  • Sucked out - AGAIN

    Playing a $4.40 MTT. KQ and UTG.

    Raise 4 times BB. I get 4 callers.
    Flop comes down KcQd7c.

    Raise 75%.

    Player all-in OTP and I call.
    He shows Ac3c. and hits a club on the river.

    What did I do wrong (if anything).
    Am I being paranoid - I seem to have had a lot of bad beats lately.

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      when in the tourney was this? early? middle? late? This along with the stacks for all the players, along with any reads on them will be vital information for this. If you have the hand history for this, please post it (or if you don't, you can request it from support thru the client. requests tab, then hand history).

      If it's early in the tourney, then I'd muck KQ off from UTG. People will be playing almost anything after you and you'll be out of position the entire hand, playing with a bloated pot... some thing you want to avoid if at all possible.
      I'm assuming by the raise 75%, you bet 75% of the pot on the flop and then got raised all-in. If so, unless the opp has a set, you're the favorite in the hand and need to call. Unfortunately, the opp had 9 outs, which gives them about a 36% chance to beat you and they hit one of those 36%.

      You're going to lose 1 in 3 of these situations, so what you want to do is to not get all the chips in until you know you will have the best hand in the end. If you didn't raise so much preflop, then you could have bet less on the flop and the opp might not have shoved there... but without the stack sizes, I can't tell if that could happen or not.
      The more information that you can provide to us, the better and more complete of an answer we can supply in return.

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