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JJ $1.50 9max SNG

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  • JJ $1.50 9max SNG

    The guy has a VPIP of 44 in just 9 hands played with him an AF 2.0 I really thought he had KK or AA and played it with stupid small min raise then jammed on the flop coz that's the easiest way to deal with it.

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    Later in the match the same dude. Now he's stats look like this: VPIP 33 PFR 6 AF 7 in 41 hands


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      I think you're making the opp's range be too narrow. They could also have a set or Qx... but if they had a set, they played the hand pretty poorly and lost value. KK or AA really shouldn't shove the flop too, as they're losing value as they have an overpair to the board. Since it's a battle of the blinds, the opp could be on complete air here... and wants you to think they have a real hand.

      I do like the fold on the flop.

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        After watching that first hand, his bet sizing should be an instant alert that you are dealing with a complete muppet. Good flop fold, easy opponent to outplay later.
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          If that is your thought, then the only question is did you have enough reason to call the 160...

          You gotta look at it like this, you will hit a set only about 1 time in 8.5.
          If you are facing AA/KK as you suspect, then what were your implied odds in that spot?

          With a total of 1370 in his stack, and with a total call of 160, you are bang on the price you need to see to set mine (8.56 to 1), so if you suspect he will stack off with an over pair, you are getting a price to call the raise to 160 even if you are pretty sure he has AA/KK.

          160 is a bit over 10% of your stack. Normally I would only take implied odds alue if it were between 5% and 10% of my chips (or less), but with the blinds at 10/20, and you able to fold out of the way if you do not flop a set with 65BB+ still in your stack, I do not think this is a problem.

          The one thing you have to be pretty sure about though...

          You do not let yourself get married to JJ if it is an over pair hand.

          If you are firm in your read, you BARELY are getting the price you want. If the flop comes 8 hi, that means you are looking to muck to just about ANY bet from the villain, or else you are going against your read.

          As played though, I see nothing at all wrong with what you did here...
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